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Media Access Blocked in Gitmo

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posted on Jun, 15 2006 @ 10:06 PM
The Pentagon has now completely shut down all access to Guantanamo Bay for the media. The expulsion of the media has caused anger in many human rights groups as well as attorneys and the media itself. This comes at a time when the US detainee prison has come into the mainstream media as a prison that has consistently violated human rights, according to such groups as Amnesty International.
More than 1,000 journalists have visited Guantanamo Bay since the U.S. military began locking up suspected al-Qaida and Taliban militants there 4 1/2 years ago. But access has been severely restricted: Journalists could not talk to detainees, they had to be accompanied by a military escort and their photos were censored.

Now, the Pentagon has shut down access entirely — at least temporarily — expelling reporters this week and triggering an outcry from human rights groups, attorneys and media organizations even as the prison comes under renewed criticism for the suicides of three detainees last weekend.

Pentagon officials defended the temporary ban on media, saying guards and base officials are preoccupied with investigating the deaths and maintaining security as detainees become more defiant. A clash with guards in May left six detainees injured. Another 10 prisoners were on hunger strike Thursday, including six being force-fed with nasal tubes.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

We should have expected that this would happen sooner or later. The drive to conceal the events that occur in Guantanamo Bay has been going on for quite some time, and as the public outcry grows larger, the reigns are going to be tightened in order to lower the coverage of questionable events in the prison. This is an outrageous act, as the American people should always have the right to review what is going on in a prison camp run by our government. As you can see by the second link provided below, this was a long time coming.

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