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Is creation of a black hole on Earth realistic?

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posted on Jun, 15 2006 @ 08:19 PM
Today on Sci Fi there was a movie called "Black Hole". The theory was that they were working on the creation of a Heavy Ion Collider. More info about what a HIC is here.

The scary thing about this movie was is that we ACTUALLY do have labs and universites working on creating a HIC which in theory MAY result in a black hole.

"Brookhaven National Laboratory is a world-class scientific research facility that began operation in 2000" is working on creaing HIC.

The scary theory is that this construcion may result in a heavy ion collision. To sum it up they collide heavy ions together. Heavy ions are infact atoms which have had their outer cloud of electrons removed.

What RHIC does (the link i gave above) is collides two beams of gold ions head-on when they're traveling at nearly the speed of light (what Einstein called relativistic speeds). So in theory this is very dangerous experiments.
Heres a link that explains more of which RHIC does.

To sum this up, what they are trying to achieve is new extreme energy for possible space crafts.

Now my question is this, do you think according to the Sci Fi movie, Black Hole, this is a reality, and if so do you think this could result in a real black hole?

posted on Jun, 15 2006 @ 09:57 PM

But probably not in the way you're thinking of it

What would happen is that the speeds that the two gold ions would slam into each other at should be just enough force to overcome the electromagnetic forces (plus any other forces at that level). Once the two nuclei smash into each other, their constitute parts (quarks and such) could get close enough to each other that they cause the atom to fall under the pressure of its own gravity.

It would create a micro-singularity.

But micro-singularities exist for micro-amounts of time. Hawking radiation would cause the black hole to dissipate at almost the precise instant it was created. Not only does that reduce the chance of the black hole "swallowing" up any other particles, but the black hole would also have an electric charge, repelling other atoms away from it. Overall, its charge would actually still keep everything pushed away from it and beyond its event horizon.

So the fear of a micro-black hole being created, then falling to the center of the earth where it quickly grows and destroys everything, is a totally unlikely (hehe, probabilities are fun things) event. I mean unlikely in the kind of unlikeliness that your hand will fall through your desk because all the atoms align just right (which, theoretically, could happen - but is totally unlikely to happen).

posted on Jun, 16 2006 @ 01:30 AM
It has already been done....In my opinion

Other researchers will be doing experiments in the creation of black holes as well. though they aren't quite sure in the article above all the math indicates they did this.


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