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Don't use Google

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posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 07:23 PM

I was a little disappointed..'cuz I love Google. Well, I guess I should say lovED.

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 07:33 PM
Should not of posted this in the Board Questions and Business.

ATS, BTS, PTS all have different forums for different subjects. A Mod will probably redirect this one for you.

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 07:36 PM
Sorry, I didn't really know where it should go. But this site has a Google powered search engine.Whats PTS stand for? Are those all different forums? I think I should go find a newbie thread lol

[edit on 14-6-2006 by smadgirl]

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 07:37 PM
Hi smadgirl/

Well, if its 'google' now, then it will only be another search engine another day.
It doesn't matter what search engine you use(IMO)because i believe that they are all the same!
Technology is built that way, and though we/many of us are Aware, it will only add more paranoia in ones 'paranoia World' that we all live in today!

But thanks for the read.


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