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Strange things & happenings

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posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 02:39 PM
About 3 mounths ago i had a period of about 3 weeks where i had a large about of strange things happening.

first i had a dream in which my cat and the neighbors cat got in a fight, and the neighbors cat ran away. The next day i found out the neighbors were moving.

Nextly i was in class and we had a guest speaker, who was telling us about something related to education, and she was about to name a specific area when the name of the area popped into my head, as i exspected her to say it(which she did, and the place was not obvious, or even hinted at through the context

A few other things happened with dreams, where i saw things, and then a very similar event happened. Although, like when i have lucid dreamed, if i became too aware of what i was doing, it would not come true, or in the case of the lucid dream, i would take up. Also i have at times said things that i didnt realize i had said until people tell me that i did later on, although i have no recolection about it. Nothing perticually unique was happening at that time, and not too much paranormal has happened since then, although i am working on testing my mental capabilities.

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