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I need some career advice

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posted on Jun, 12 2006 @ 07:02 PM
Well boys and girls i have being going through a roller coatser the last 2 years.After leaving high school i decided to pursue a career in the Australian film indstry.You see in my early years( I am 20 soon to be 21) i took acting lessons with the aspirations to be an actor.But after auditions and many attemtps i came to realise there wasn't work for a hispanic in Australia.

I have played many sports and have been lucky to have parents who have awarded me many opportunities.Well after highschool i undertook study at a local film school for a 6 month course but it taught me the basic skills in filmaking to go out into the real world.Whilst i knew from the beginning this would not be any easy road and it would be a journey i am starting to come to the conclusion that i am getting nowhere.

Since 2004 i have had 3 individual bursts of work rangning from a couple of days to months of work here and there.I have had a short story published which i thought would open some doors into writing/producing but it hasnt six months on.I would like to think that i have given this an honest shot but i am starting to have my reservations.

After studying i done some volounteering to pay my dues but to also get some contacts and some experience to boot.The problem is i cant get work in retail becuase i have no retail experince,I cant wait tables becuase i have no experience in waiting.It seems these last 2 years have sort of F@#$%d me up.

I have been thinking about it recently but a while back i wanted to be involved in fitness in personal training but the thought of bad pay never warmed on me but i am starting to give some consideration into soccer coaching for some reason.I have played the sport,my entire family has played the sport i seem to read the game well so why not.

Really boys and girl i just want some honest opinions in regards to what you would do or better yet why dont you share some of your experiences that you have gone through when deciding careers.

Thanks Kindly

posted on Jun, 13 2006 @ 04:43 AM
Hello Mate,

I have worked for myself since i was 21 (30 now) i will try and give you some honest advice and perhaps you can pick out some bits that may be inspirational and usefull.

Firstly, life is far too short to spend years doing something only for the money, you have to pick a career(s) that you will enjoy, although sometimes you also have to do things as a means to an ends- this is ok if you dont lose sight of your original goal.

Secondly, nothing is out of reach- no matter what your aspirations or qualifications and skills, play to your strengths and try and improve your weaknesses- you can always get where u want to be..A to B...its just sometimes you have to be prepaired to get there via C, F,G,H,I and J, i think you see my point.

I think it was Thomas Edison that said (whilst trying to invent the light bulb) "i have not failed, i just found 245 ways that it doesnt work"

At 60 years of age the kentucky fried chicken boss 'the colonel' was a peniless entrepreneur with nothing to offer but his recipe for chicken..he trecked on foot to over 1000 restraunts trying to sell his formula, eventually after all those knock backs somebody took his idea on 66 he was a multi millionaire....point is that self belief and determination are a powerfull force to have on your side.

1st angle of attack.

short list your choice of careers, then look at your local community and see where you can get possible employment.

See if any of these places have vacancies, even if they dont, do the following:-

type and write in freehand, a letter of introduction and a C.V (list of quals and experience...(if u want to know how to do this correctley u2u me and i'll send a draft) Put on your best suite, remove all jewellry except your watch and present yourself at their office. Dont put any pressure on but politley ask if it would be possible to speak to the mangement regarding situations vacant, current or up and coming- express clearly that you do not wish to take up their valuable time but could you leave your details and arrange an interview convienient for them as regards future employment. If you get knocked back dont worry..just leave your CV and ask them to keep it o file should anything arrise in the future.

should you get an interview, again arrive smartly dressed and well presented, give a good and honest reasons why you wish to work and train with this company-never lie about your experience, it stands out a mile and is dishonest...when leaving the interview part with this coment

"give me a chance and employ me for a month with out pay, if im good pay me and keep me on, if your not impressed i will leave with no problems and thank you for the experience"..I have used this with every job i have applied for and always got it.

2nd angle of attack.

More often than not an unusal job requires skilled employes with big qualifications, thus making them unatainable to a young person like yourself, however this is not true. Secure a part time job, stacking shelves whatever (this is a means to an ends) approach the company you wish to gain experience with and ask if you can work part time for free, explain that you realise you dont have the qualifications needed but you would like to learn what you can to better prepare your self for your desired employment. now these people will probably have you sweeping up and making the tea, everything you do (no matter how crap and rubbish) do it to perfection, if your cleaning the toilets make them wont take long for someone to take note of your dedicated actions and start to ive you experiance in your chosen field...this is what i did to get hours for my pilots licience..i simpl approached the local flight school and asked if i could hang aroun at the weekends cleaning up for free just to gleam some info on aircraft, within 2 weeks i was flying every weekend as an observer with their technician checking the aircraft...all for free.

hopefully they will see your enthusiasm and offer you does happen.

do everything you do with a smile.


whatever you decide you want, hedge your bets:- get books and information on your chosen career and read,read,read- theory never substitutes the practical but it will not do any harm- speak to people doing what you want to do, ask questions but always listen to advice if its for free.

Be focused, get to the gym, this keeps mind and body regulated and healthy- remeber that your going to be top of your game..whatever it takes.

Take the knock backs with a smile, you will be laughing one day.

Look at the grants available to you via local goverment- night school is a good idea but remember qualifications dont mean crap if you cant do the job.

Party hard, make time away from study to socialize and when you do play really hard, your only here once mate.

Dont be afraid to drop one project if you decide what you want is something else, your young and have time on your side.

chances are you will fail more than what?...dust your self off and come back up fighting.

after years of hard graft with my own businesses, i finally bought my dream car, my AC Cobra, for those that doubted me, the feeling of pulling up outside my local bar in it, that was a really awesome and defining moment in my life, its kind of recognition for your self investment, investment that at times can take you to the brink of

however material wealth is gay, enjoy the fruits of your labor but remember true friends our worth much more.

socer is a pretty tough sport to break into at a proffesional level but you will get there if your dedicated and have to love what you do to get to the top.

my signature says it all..(i think)

Good luck mate, hope my advice has been usefull.

p.s. nothing is out of reach!!!

posted on Jun, 13 2006 @ 07:38 AM
Wow thanks for your reply mate.I apreciate the wisdom that you have put into it.Getting into the film indsutry was never about money.Far from it i was happy.But i dont seem to have that gleam in my eye an more.As you noticed in my opening thread i have tried retail work and all the others but know one will take me on becuase i have no experience or i am to old( a lot off teenagers seem to occupt those positions.)What i am really trying to do is look out for my future.You see soccer is the only thing i seem to have leeway in.Some friends and connectons.

Looks like i have some more thnking to do.

Thanks optimus fett

posted on Jun, 13 2006 @ 07:53 AM
Optimus, I gave you a Way Above vote for that post. I'm at the "deciding" stage with little experience as well, and reading that advice was great motivation and has given me a few more ideas to mull over

Cheers for that old chap

Tarzan, I know all about the not being able to get a job because of lack of experience
But Optimus' advice is probably one of the best I've ever heard, so try it out and good luck to us both

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