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Democracy Is a Great Idea that is Not Being Fully Followed

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posted on Jun, 12 2006 @ 04:17 PM
Dictatorships have always taken advantage of the limitations of the people. And I believe that it is the limitations-stupidity of the public that is the core ingredient to maintaining the problems in our democracy.

But ultimately democracy is government by-through the people for the people. But it should also be government with a constitution. A constitution that would prevent...

1. Any politician earning any income other than what they get from government wages.
2. Define the number of news outlets any one individual can own, politically influence or control.
3. Introduce state political funding (democracy should be paid for by the people and not the corporation).
4. A referendum every time we go to war; and other big decisions (to be defined) such as amending or changing the constitution (just making clear how a constitution should work for non Americans).
I also believe that any one individual should be able to propose any yes-no referendum over any issue and win should they get more than a 50 percent of the populations vote. This would mean they would always have to get more than 50 percent of the vote cast, but it would prevent weak government and referendum victory by default (say few people hear about the issue or bothered to vote).
5. I believe in a House of “Lords” consisting of people who have been elected by the public (every so many vacancies). This house should be able to reject any law 3 times after that it should be put to a popular national referendum

6. I also believe that no person should be convicted of a crime without the option of a trial by jury. There may be a greater prison sentence-penalty available to someone should they be convicted by trial by Jury (as an incentive to save court time). But no person should be convicted without the option of a trial by jury. Sadly this right seems to be getting trodden on in England. The option of standard trial by jury must be a mechanism for protecting democracy and justice through the courts.
7. I believe that any MP should able to propose at least 2 new laws after their re-election. I believe that these new laws should be guaranteed parliamentary time providing that they are proposed within (say) the first 2 years of a 5 year government term. I believe that first parliamentary hearing of a law should consist of a parliamentary petition showing it’s got at least (say) 40% of the support needed to win a parliamentary vote. The second reading should be a parliamentary debate with a standard consultation period (say 2 weeks) after that the votes should be cast (through a secret ballot) (unless corruption charges are being investigated on any number of MP’s).
8. (I suggest) that at all times the police and security services should be able to spy apron our MP’s providing that no violent methods are used, and providing that the only retribution for an alleged crime swill be through a court of law.

So ATS’ers what do you reckon about my proposed constitution good or bad? What would you suggest?

As a Side Note…
Does Anyone think violence (against our politicians only) would be justified to introduce it? And is it ok in a democratic society to commit violence against those who help pay for our politicians election campaigns? (I.e. big business-interest group leaders (not little citizen donors).
P.S Be VERY careful how you answer that last question cos there's various terror laws now around.. Still just a question.

posted on Jun, 12 2006 @ 09:18 PM
A true democracy is actually a terrible idea. A Democratic Republic such as ours is a really good form of government. Heres the problem with your idea in my opinion.

Lets say you live on a big hill in a flood plain, and we all live at the bottom of the hill and our houses are constantly being flooded. Well under your plan, I could propose a vote for us to all move to the top of the hill and use your land. Then when the vote passes, you'd basically be out of luck. Another problem is that if everyone can propose referendums, then your going to have every old lady on the block proposing things such as "Everyones houses should be painted blue" or whatever other silly thing. Then if our government has to pay for all these votes and what not, then we'd be broke from having a million different things on the ballot. And if the people themselves pay for the cost of a vote, then only those that are "well off" would be able to pass referendums, and broke people such as myself
would be screwed. And if you think that voter turnout is low now, just imagine if it took three hours to go down all the issues on a ballot.

posted on Jun, 13 2006 @ 05:55 AM
I agree with that post..
and I don't know what to do,the crazy chief did it broke.

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