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Democrats have no faith in themselves!

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posted on Jun, 12 2006 @ 10:26 AM
I wish not to list the threads on this site which claim the Republican President George Bush will be dictator of the United States for life, that he is as Hitler, such a listing would be quite lengthy.

I do however wish to pose a simple question in hopes of "denying ignorance" and sparking debate as to what would REALLY happen should the scenario play out as so often predicted and discussed here at ATS, should a catastrophic event result in the establishment of a Bush led dictatorship.

Do you mean to tell me the entire senate, the congress, the Democrats themselves, the Clinton's, the Gore's, the Reid's, the Kerry's, etc., etc., would simply lie down and accept this new political order?

Are they (ie. the Democrats) so soft, so pacifist, so non-threatening, so terribly against fighting, that they would simply cede this power to none other than the man they so despise?

I mean we are talking hundreds of thousands of "Bush Haters" out there, along with a quite large number of Democratic politicians, likely numbering in the millions all together, so they all will simply pack up their toys and go home?

Or are they too part of the plan to destroy the U.S. constitution, instructed to go along with the grand scheme?

No, I cannot believe such a scenario would play out, and if so, a grand civil struggle to regain some semblance of democracy would surely follow.

And so, I see the entire situation, the fear of a Bush dictatorship, the loathing of the President, the myriad accusations of lies, deceit, and fraud (some obviouisly founded), the outright hatred, I see these things as the psychological struggle of a party not in power, of those whose belief system is in basic agreement with that party, a kind of attempt to come to terms with one's sense of having little or no control over the political destiny of their country, a catharsis if you will.

And so back to the question.....have the Democrats no faith in themselves? What would REALLY happen should George W. Bush announce he is dictator?

This thread is not meant to inflame, but to instigate discussion only.


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