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What must I do now?

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posted on Jun, 11 2006 @ 08:01 PM
Some of you read my blog, entitled Bleeding Me, and I figured I'd post it here, as I may be able to get more advice from more people. Maybe even those who've experienced the same thing as I. I would really like to have you give me some sort of advice if you read this, because the whole thing is driving me crazy. I'm not going to post the Bleeding me blog here. You can go to my blog to read that if you'd like, Here . Here is an summarization of it though:

Me and this girl once loved each other more than words can say. the a lot of things happened all at once in my life, that made it difficult for both of us, and it drove her away. I know she still loves me, and I'm trying to get her back now that I've fixed the problems I was dealing with.

Some of you suggested giving her the link to the blog, which I did, and here was her response to it:

i read your blog and i hate to tell you this but i dont think there is any other way....i am not ready to get back into the kind of relationship we had. this is not your fault its jus something i thought about and i dont want the attachment, drama or stress that comes with that kind of relationship. i want to be single and have a great time my senior year. i want to hang out with friends in a friend setting not a date one. so i am so sorry i did not say this sooner....i thought you were ready but not waiting im sorry. i dont know if i will be ready for a real relationship anytime soon i am just looking for some fun my last year.

I told her I understand, which I do, but this leaves me troubled. She's made it clear to me that, yes, she still cares for me alot, but she doesn't want to deal with the stuff that comes with Love. So this girl that I love more than anything is basically saying she loves me still, but doesn't want to be with me. I know I'll have a slim chance later on in the year, as she may eventually come around, but I'm afraid by then, she won't feel the same about me.

Also, we haven't talked hardly at all over the last week and a half. I've called, but it always seems I catch her when she's with friends or going to do something. She always tells me to call her later, and when I do, I never can talk to her for more than 2 minutes. It's got me thinking... could it be that she's afraid to do too much with me because she fears she may "fall" for me all over again? or could it be she's just gotten bored with me? I don't want to bring it up to her anymore, as I'm sure I've annoyed her enough about it all, and i don't want to make things any worse. So what do I do? Just wait? Stop calling and hope she eventually does? Her and i know what we had, and what we could have, but i seem to be the only one that still wants that. So any advice on the move I should make would be greatly appreciated.

posted on Jun, 11 2006 @ 10:40 PM
Sometimes you want really hard for something to happen the way you want it, but like most things they doen't.
This maybe one of those things that you just have to get over, it could have ended alot worse than it did, just remiber that.
Always remiber the good times and bad times but learn from the bad and draw on the good...if that makes any sence.
i didn't read your blog...just because i asumed it was long and ive got work tomarrow

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