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Can i have super powers like criss angel or xmen

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posted on Jun, 10 2006 @ 02:15 PM
I want to know something, criss angel said that he has learned or developed himself to defy our minds and reality, and the xmen are mutated people, so all this seems so possible, i have always thought we could have powers if we believed hard enough and had no doubts, so all in all, i have never seen with my own eyes superpowers, welll off screen, but it has to be possible, i just dont know then does a supernatural power come into play or is there a way to have super powers, well even powers?

Even in the past i read about old tales and myths or legends of powers held by men from objects they find or even powers in them selves...
I know tons of people wish to have powers it would be so incredible to fly or walk through walls, but i alwasy have doubt about everything, i just dont know if oneday i truly believed it would it happen.

Another point I would like to add, on the level of powers of the human body or soul, i have heard of belief that brings power. I watch a show called Stargate Sg-1 everyone has probably heard or seen it, but there is a group of people on the show that bring there powers from people believing in them, is this possible for some people, that the more people believe them the more things they can preform to defy reality.

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