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Who Gets To Certify the AC??

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posted on Jun, 10 2006 @ 11:59 AM

What are the criteria for acceptance to this position?

One 666 - Recommendation 666
Two 666 - Agreement 666
Three 666 - UN Aniversary Photo
Four 666 - TV on June 6/6/6/ (Mid East Peace Related)

He had a busy day on 6/6/6 and received an award at, wait for it...6:00 p.m.

Can anybody count any more? How many do you need before you're it!!

Check this out Javier Solana giving the
marxist symbol

Years ago when reading Holy/Blood Holy/Grail when coming to the picture of Plantard and his son, I had a feeling that perhaps the child was being presented as the anti-christ. Last year, when my modular home was being put in and in the interim staying in a motel with no computer, hadn't even heard of Solana yet
or the boy in the picture as a man, I decided to revist HB/HG and draw the boy, applying aging technique to see what he would possibly look like as a man.
I drew the man with crown, on white horse, with bow w/o arrow.

When my house was in and I was back on a computer, I was able to locate a picture of the boy as a man and it didn't look like him, I tweaked it a bit, but just didn't look like him. Then I heard about Solana, and from reading Constance Cumbey's spot saw the picture in the link above, all the hair stood up on the back of my neck as my husband and I compared my drawing to the photo above.

Here is the drawing:

Ok, creepy enough, BUT there is more. For 4 1/2 years in the late 90's
I knew a man who was born in 1941, had no clue who Solana was until last summer. When I first saw a picture of Solana at the age he is now, I FREAKED. He has an identical twin, could be a body double at every angle. The man I knew now resides in a different state and owns a botanica on N. 30th St., Tampa, FLA and is one year older.

Creepy enough, no.....there is more.

The man I knew was from Cayey, PR. Check out the flag for Cayey, PR
Beast/Bull above Mountain, surrounded by Water.

I don't know the significance of my experiences, but these were my experiences and why I started to pay close attention to writings about Solana.

Bible Code For Solana

So, if its by public vote and a candidate has to be selected, my vote would be for this overachiever.

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