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Video call over LAN

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posted on Jun, 10 2006 @ 06:36 AM
I am currently trying to get a video confrence call to work over an office network. I have tried using MyPhone beta edition but it is very buggy and one of the problems is that when i plug my cam in it creates another local area connection called Microsoft TV/video connection so that when i start MyPhone it tells me that my ip is the video connection) instead of my adress of on the LAN. When i ipconfig it shows both. I have gotten it to work once where i had to unplug the cam, to restart the PC, start the program and plug the cam in again.

My questions are the following:

How does one stop that connection from showing when one plugs one's cam into the PC (dunno if it does that with all cameras)

If anyone has MyPhone, how do you select which "Local Area Network" to use.

And is there any other software that one can use to have video calling across a local area network.


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