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Media black out ignores NATO/Ukraine crisis escalation marked by two high profile assassinations.

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posted on Jun, 10 2006 @ 05:08 AM
The latest edevelopments of the crisis which began on May27th;

After illegal docking of USS Advantage in Crimean port of Feodosia for "Sea Breeze 2006" exercises under NATO flag and its blockade by local residents, nation wide anti-NATO protests are being subdued by assassinations and military intervention.

259 US Marines are still blockaded by protesters in the port of Feodosia.

The Parliament of Ukraine has unanimously voted to declared Ukraine as a "NATO free territory".

Shortly after Yushchenko dispatched a detachment of 500 special forces troops to the Crimea region, and stated that it has nothing to do with the social unrest in the area, while entirely dismissing the Parliament vote and forcing the continuation of "exercises".

Ulia Timoshenko's finance director was assassinated by a shotgun blast upon entering the stall of his apartment building.

Today an anti-NATO activist Yuri Chadartsov (movement for Ukraine, Belorussia and Russia) was assassinated by two shots in the head. His body was found in his car. The assasination victim was responsible for mobilisation of anti-NATO protests.

Scores of journalist were rounded up, arrested and deported by pro-Kiev forces.

Wide spread protests spread from Crime to whole Ukraine and in defiance of NATO protesters are burning American flags. follows NATO/Ukranina events with over 30 articles;

English recap of the events are covered in this thread;

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