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A Chinese thoughts around Iraq Issues

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posted on Jun, 9 2006 @ 03:39 AM
/My thought based on my limited resources, and I have no intention to insult or provoke anyone.

Crisis of Confidence

Bush government told lies at the start of Iraq war. Some people defended it that Parliament knew it too at that time. IMO, which can't remove the suspicion that if government told you a lie in this issue, then they could tell you lies in any other issue. Which is the key problem, crisis of confidence. It depends on constitution, laws and regulations to manage a country, instead of government self-conditionality. They can produce mendacious reason to deal with foreigner, why couldn't they do it to domestic citizens to realize their aim? Nothing can safeguard it. People will deepen the sense of mistrust, which is the start of many bad things.


I absolutely support Iraq action, because Iraq is a dictatorship. The result is good, because I know the feeling of people living in dictatorial circumstances. But I believe that there are economic reasons too, Or better, if there is oil in the target conutry, why don't you draw advantage from it when you carry out military action? I think it's normal. So why you can't withdraw from Iraq qucikly, because there's not merely military consideration.


World issues are always conducted by multiple powers, so it can't be simply concluded to "one" or "another".

America ever supported Saddam Regime in their establishment and Iran-Iraq War, and more, Bin Laden gained his military power through the support of America too. Chinese Link America government must be more hurted and provoked by the attack of military power created by their backing and they felt being betraied, so they sticked to eliminate them in spite of other countries opposition.


I know some massacres and mistreatness happened in Iraq, but I don't think they are important evidences to judge whether the war is justice or not. War is war. You can't control everyone's action. It ain't all the people in domestic are good and honest, so is in military. Moreover, it's normal for soldiers doing something unwisely when they were provoked by their companion raided and killed.


It's also normal that there are some insurgents, who are different from terrorists, fighting against coalition for their lands being occupied, because some outrages are really true and every nations have nature sense of exclusion for outcomer. Moreover, Saddam regime was setted up by the support of America too. How can they not suspect the real aims of America?

posted on Jun, 9 2006 @ 03:41 AM

I'm sure America regime represents the most advanced organization in the world, but I think America need more caution and more skilled to deal with the world issues. I've no intention to criticize, just because the fate of countries in the earth are linked more and more closely, and American people's mistake may take the whole world into disaster. I have expressed this viewpionts detailedly here. link Post Number: 2215083


For the united fate of the world, it won't done for nonintervention. If Iran regime blast a nuke in their own country, wouldn't the surrounding countries be hurted? If Russia launched all their nukes in their OWN territory, wouldn't all the other countries be destroied? Nonintervention is just a pretext. Our fates have been linked now.


It's not true that peoples under dictatorships don't want freedom or lack bravery to gain their freedom. The era is just different. Technology fastened changing this world. Ever before, weapons are knife and sword, people can find anywhere, and communication depends on smoke and horse, regions are relatively isolated. But now, weapons are gun and cannon, which is separated from ordinary people by dictatorship, and communication changed to internet and plane, which strengthens the control power of dictatorship largely. The ebb and flow of powers make the revolt impossible.

I'm sure that if Iraq people got enough weapons in Saddam periods, they would revolted Saddam regime definitely.

I'm sure that too if America don't consider humanity and deal with Iraq insurgents as Saddam have done in his period, there won't be insurgents "exist" in Iraq during half a years, because American military are powerful too much than those insurgents.

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