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My Brother, The Reaper (616)

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posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 02:28 PM
It was the football game that convinced me. Up until that time I just thought his quirky nature had taken a wild twist. Two nights ago, when we were down by the creek bed looking for trout, he had intimated that he had a 'problem'.

In the faltering light of that spring evening, when the frogs had begun their serenade with peeps and croaks, my brother began to get all quiet and serious. I never said anything because he went into these somber moods often and I knew it was usually best not to ask questions. But tonight, he was the one started talking.

Now I should mention that Alex is 5 years my elder brother, and, at 26, he's a hefty 200 lbs of lean muscle stacked on a 6'2" frame. Imposing...considering my 5' 10", and when he spoke, his deep voice filled the space between the banks and trees. When he yelled, geez, you could hear him a mile away.

Anyways, he starts off by telling me there's something wrong with him.

"Paul", he says, "I dunno what to think, but, somethings growing in me".

I just said nothing, as per usual. The frogs started piping again after falling silent at the gloomy outburst and a couple of starlings took off noisily from the trees across the gurgling water to add a nice touch to the moment.

"Sometimes I feel I could reach out and kill with my mind".

OK...that got my attention, so I asked him what he meant. His dark eyes sought mine from across the weeds and I saw anger flash in them as if he was disappointed in me for not knowing. That soon faded though, and as he stared at me he came out with this beaut:

"It's like, if I tried, I could kill with my mind. If I wanted to shut these slimy frogs up, all I have to do is wish it and it happens. Now you understand?"

I was dumbstruck. This is my sane brother, who is a good guy, telling me this. I also didn't believe him, of course. It's crazy...but I never said a word. That was it. Alex and I walked home, whacking dandylion heads with sticks and pushing each other around like always, and when he changed his clothes, he took dad's Chevy to pick up Lorraine, the latest flame.

That was two nights ago, like I said. Today made me a believer. Alex and I went to the stadium to watch the local team take on the Orioles. The bleachers were packed to the hilt with disgusted fans as the spread grew against us, and by the seventh you could cut the dejection with a knife.

Alex scowled beside me. His eyes were burning with hate as he looked around the bleachers.

"Asshats", he growled, "Bunch of turncoats...lose a game and there goes the crowd support".

He turned and stared hard into my eyes. Cold... 'like the vacuum of empty space' is how I would decribe that look.

"Watch this", he mumbled, turning to the side away from me.

The crowd slumped. As I peered around the back of his head, all I saw were people slumping in their seats as if they suddenly fell asleep. Alex then swung his gaze, looking past me. Turning fearfully around, I saw the same panorama presenting itself again.

That's when it dawned on me...these people are dead.


Kripes. That I was in a state of shock looking at rows full of suddenly still bodies. Nobody stirred all around us. That's when I noticed the pitcher laying on the mound and the basemen, fielders...everybody was down. The crowd behind us woke up and people started screaming. We only sat there as Alex took it all in and I couldn't move.

"It's like this, Paul...If you try to stop me, you're dead too. I'm gonna kill everyone I don't like until there's just a chosen few left. You can be one of them, or not...your choice. Just remember, I know what you're thinking too."

I nodded and gave him a little grimace.

Beginning of The End

posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 02:56 PM
woa this is actually quite good, well written aswell. im envious lol, iv read a few of the entries and iv no chance haha ah well its the takin part that counts

good job though

posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 03:00 PM
Thanks, ronishia...

The only thing is...there's a dreadful mistake in it. Hint...what game were they playing at the stadium?

posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 03:03 PM
pass lol i assumed it was baseball haha
still good read though

posted on Jun, 9 2006 @ 12:43 PM
chilling story Masqua. I had no idea you were from that kind of family

btw I noticed.. funny how you started with a football game and ended up in a baseball game

good job non the less

posted on Jun, 10 2006 @ 11:17 AM

Originally posted by worldwatcher
I had no idea you were from that kind of family

I'm glad I'm not.

I wanted to insert a bit of psychology into the characters of 'Alex' and 'Paul' by having them do a destructive bit of foreshadowing in the beheading those dandylions as well as Alex's dark threat to those innocent frogs in the creek.

The fact that I messed up the game is funny, really...but not catching it in the editing before I posted is a good reminder to writers that continuity is especially important in a short story.

Glad you liked it anyways, though.

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