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life changing choices (666)

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posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 12:58 PM
Freedom. That’s one thing human beings strive for isnt it.
Love, family, decent job, but Freedom, that is the driving force in all human life either subconsciously or consciously, so why do so many forfeit that one crutch in there life, that thing that keeps most humans going, Humanity.

My name is zillah and I am a soul collector.
Sounds like something from the group alcoholics anonymous doesn’t it, maybe so but it is true. If you have been a naughty human and take the lives of others, I am there to take your soul. My work is what you see left of a man or woman once humanity has gone. You cannot run, you cannot hide, and there is no escape!
Now you know about me, let me tell you a story about humanity.

It was july 6th 2006 and i had been summoned to a little house in a relatively quiet village, a crime was about to take place and it was my job to collect the soul of the man that would commit the ultimate sin.

A man and woman were yelling and shouting at each other so loudly I’m surprised that no one was alerted to the noise, apparently the wife had committed adultery and was happily goading her husband, telling him of his downfalls and repeatedly rubbing salt in the wounds. Then it happened, the man grabbed a poker than was laying aside the coal fireplace, it was a strange moment and one that seemed to take an age to unfold. I watched as he brought the poker upon his wife’s head, anger had completely enveloped him, repeatedly he sent it crashing down on her skull, you could hear each blow as it connected.

Then he stopped, she wasn’t moving anymore. The anger had left his face and fear replaced it, I don’t think he was fully comprehending his actions. He was looking around the room as if in search of the intruder that murdered his wife. Then realisation hit his face he stared at his hands and the poker in it and down at his wife’s body. In the background I heard a child cry out, I glanced at the door and saw a boy around 7 years old staring fearfully at his dad. He had undoubtedly witnessed the brutal slaying. I watched as the father walked towards his son trying to figure out what he could say, the boy backed away, scared. Fear was etched across the mans face. You could tell he was trying to work out his options, then it happened, the devil in him returned. The boy looked at his father, he knew what was going to happen but couldn’t seem to move all he did was stand there as the father approached poker in hand. It took 4 blows to the head and the child was gone.

I watched as both the mother and son’s souls rise from the vessels that once held them. A look of sadness upon their faces, I never quite understand this reaction, the victim never seems to hate the attacker and has more pity for them than anything else, and this is the humanity in humans I never could understand.

I returned my attention to the soul I was here to collect, he was sitting aside the bodies of his loved ones him having moved the two of them closer together, he was sobbing, but was he sobbing for the lives he took or for his own hopelessness? His time had come, I reached down and placed my hand upon his chest, and grabbed at whatever soul he had left and removed it from the vessel that held it for 45 years. The man was left staring at the bodies of those he murdered a vacant look in his eyes. My job was done.

This was the 10th such murder in two days I had attended, it’s never easy. Sometimes I wish that I can intervene on such crimes and stop them but that’s not my job. My job is to collect the wicked. I could not do this anymore, such hatred and violence I feared for my own sanity I had to give it up but to do so I would become the one thing I feared, Human. I could not fathom the complexities of humanity which is why I have chosen to have my soul removed and not reborn, I will be snuffed out like the candle that has burned all to long. I will rest in peace, my job done. Resting easily at not having to witness such cruelty anymore. I often wondered about the people that do these horrid things, how someone could extinguish a life so easily, I leave my world full of questions that I can never get an answer to and quite frankly I don’t want them. I leave safe in the knowledge that I don’t have to bear witness to such evilness and cruelty again.
Yes you read right I choose to die than to be human, what does that say about you.


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