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Al-Zarqawi Dead

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posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 02:50 AM
CNN is now confirming that terrorist leader al-Zarqawi is dead. This report is being made by the aide to the Iraqi prime minister. We have seen his many videos and heard many of his recorded messages. More details are yet to be released and additional forensic testing will take place to further confirm his death. The Pentagon has yet to confirm this.
Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki was expected to make a public announcement of the death, the details of which are unclear.

Two Pentagon officials told CNN that the government is awaiting al-Maliki's announcement in Baghdad before commenting on the report officially.

One official says the Pentagon is not sure of how the death was confirmed and that there might need to be "additional forensics" done before they can be fully confident the terrorist leader is dead.

Officials could provide no further details at this time.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

This would seem to be a great accomplishment by US forces in Iraq. Al-Zarqawi is the supposed mastermind of many insurgencies as well as the suicide bombings talking place with Iraq against allied forces. Is this the real death of Zarqawi or just another media baby? Lets wait and see the forensic evidence.

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posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 03:47 AM
Supposedly, they confirmed his identity by fingerprints.


posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 03:47 AM
According to what I read on Yahoo News, they confirmed his identity by fingerprints, and visual identification. He and 7 aides were killed in an a safe house.

posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 03:55 AM
They also said to have used scars in the identification as well. Im not sure if DNA is an option as could they get a sample.

posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 03:58 AM
UPDATE: Iraq PM says al-Qaeda's Zarqawi killed

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Al Qaeda's leader in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, has been killed in a joint U.S. and Iraqi military raid north of Baghdad, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki announced on Thursday.

Jordanian-born Zarqawi, who had sworn loyalty to Osama bin Laden, had come to symbolize the radical Islamic insurgency against U.S. occupation in which thousands had been killed.

U.S. officials in Iraq hailed his killing, but warned that Zarqawi's followers still posed a security threat to Iraq.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair said Zarqawi's death was a blow against al Qaeda everywhere.

Iraq PM says al-Qaeda's Zarqawi killed

posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 04:02 AM

The following is a statement by Gen. George W. Casey Jr. announcing the death of al Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi in the following statement during a press conference with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Zalmay Khalilzad :

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Coalition Forces killed al-Qaida terrorist leader Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi and one of his key lieutenants, spiritual advisor Sheik Abd-Al-Rahman, yesterday, June 7, at 6:15 p.m. in an air strike against an identified, isolated safe house.

“Tips and intelligence from Iraqi senior leaders from his network led forces to al-Zarqawi and some of his associates who were conducting a meeting approximately eight kilometers north of Baqubah when the air strike was launched.

posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 04:04 AM

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was Iraq's most notorious insurgent - a shadowy figure associated with spectacular bombings, assassinations and the beheading of foreign hostages.

The Jordanian-born militant first appeared in Iraq as the leader of the Tawhid and Jihad insurgent group, merging it in late 2004 with Osama Bin Laden's al-Qaeda network.

But most information on him was restricted to what his enemies and supporters have attributed to him.

posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 05:12 AM
So it appears after years of flase getting your hopes up reports, they have finally gottn him.

Two questions now remain. Will it make a difference at this point (it does seem a bunch of his associates were with him) and what about Osama? Still waiting on that one.

posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 05:18 AM
This is great news! Zarqawi was behind much of the sectarian violence in Iraq. Hopefully, this will put a large dent in that violence.

Now, I'm sure we'll hear how there are a hundred waiting to take his place. But we'll get them - one at a time.

Too bad the guys that got him can't share in the $25 million bounty.

posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 05:22 AM
If they said today that we killed Osama, would you believe it?

posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 05:39 AM
Yes, heard all the news reports. Can't say much about something I don't really know about. But, IMO it is wondeful timing, though isn't it? Mid term elections right around the corner, Bush's approval ratings haven't been too great. I've heard that some of the Republican Party members have been a bit worried about how their party will fare this election.

Killing Zirkowi(sp?) now. That must be going to make them look better. Like I say, my opinion only.

posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 05:53 AM
I hate to rejoice at the death of an individual, but in this case I think I have to say I am glad he is gone, because it means many, many others will live, as al-qaeda will have suffered a large hit in their leadership department with the removal of this guy.

posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 05:53 AM
Do you belive Al-Zarqawi WAS this Super-Terrorist behind attacks in Iraq?

Do you belive that he WAS ALIVE AT ALL?

Here is a blast from the past in a thread by wecomeinpeace:

Al-Zarqawi the Superterrorist - Who Can Prove He Really Exists?

IMHO, the intention has been:
1) Prove that a man named al-Zarqawi existed-----> Achieved.
2) Prove that a man named al-Zarqawi was an extremist/terrorist---- Achieved.
3) Prove that al-Zarqawi is still alive-----> Failed.
4) Prove that al-Zarqawi is masterminding global terror-----> Failed.
Compromise stage:
5) Prove that al-Zarqawi masterminded one, single recent terrorist attack----> Failed.
6) Show that evidence presented is not fabricated-----> Failed.
7) Show that evidence has even been presented for reasonable scrutiny-----> Failed.

So - how do you kill a Dead Man?

posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 05:58 AM
Yeah right.

Zarqawi was a bogyman. He was not real. Probably some loner Arab who worked for the Rumsfeld.

THEY killed him so that the DC Posse gets help during coming elections.

Public opinion of President was all time low and Republicans would have been destroyed in Washington.

Its basic math.

you dudes know how to add things up don't you?

[edit on 8-6-2006 by mr conspiracy]

posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 06:01 AM
Great timing eh?

What a bunch of baloney. I heard one newscaster starting his report with "Western leaders rejoiced at news of the death of...". Even if this guy wasnt a construct of Western intelligence agencies for false flag terrorism should the Western world be reveling in some ones death? It's a bit uncouth if you ask me, rule of law and all that jazz.

I guess it could be construed as a win for the terrorists, "they" wanted to destroy our way of life. Looks like they've mission accomplished the hell out of us in the last 5 years.

posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 06:02 AM
I'm sure Bush's approval rating will somewhat increase after this, although I think the violence will only increase after this action.
Surely Zarqawi wasn't behind all the roadside bomb attacks, and most definately not involved in the dozens of daily kidnappings. The whole of Iraq is one big mess, things will not improve unless the coalition forces change tactics.

posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 06:14 AM
Allthough I also question the timing, this would be good news if it is true. The only bad thing is they didn't arrest him, put him on trial, then sentence him to death. If they knew where he was, why didn't they try to grab him?

posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 06:34 AM

THEY killed him so that the DC Posse gets help during coming elections.

Yeah, great timing, eh? The elections are only five months away in a society who can't remember yesterday's headlines.

Yeah, it was planned... just like bin Laden was supposed to be captured right before the 2004 election, to help Bush get re-elected.

Oh, wait! That didn't happen, as predicted here, now did it?

posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 06:38 AM

Originally posted by Hal9000
Allthough I also question the timing, this would be good news if it is true. The only bad thing is they didn't arrest him, put him on trial, then sentence him to death. If they knew where he was, why didn't they try to grab him?

what i always found odd was that for someone who was such an evil, dangerous and slippery international terrorist, he never ONCE appeared on the fbi's most wanted list, even under the most wanted terrorists (who strangely ALL happen to have muslim names btw).

personally, i think his name has just been used as a code-word for certain operations, which are now over. so who/what is going take his place?

posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 06:57 AM
I'm just glad he is dead.

All the theories, speculations and SWAG's not withstanding. He needed to be gone and he is.

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