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Chernobyl conspiracy??

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posted on Jun, 7 2006 @ 09:23 PM
Only 20 years have past since the diaster, but it seems that it has been forgotten. The reason I consider it a conspiracy is that even though they estimate the safety seal that they put down on the reactor will go in 10-20 years, any attempt to highlight this is being squashed from the media. The attempt by the germans and US to build a 'shield' over the radioactive material had its funding removed before they could fniish design, the attempts to highlight any spread or increase in Radioactivity has been suppressed amid non-scientific spokespeople (mainly polititions) stating that its in the past and no longer matters. The only time recently that it has even come up in the news in the UK is about the children coming over for a holiday, and that the money is being squandered on the victims.

What do people think, is my conspiracy actually planned or just stupidity on a massive scale?

if the seal where to break, the results across Europe and Asia would be as bad as the original disaster.

thanks for your time in reading

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