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The Epistemology of Truth

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posted on Jun, 6 2006 @ 08:18 AM
In other words, how do you know the truth when you see it? Read this entire article below and I think that you will find that answer:

I never intended to write this. Why would it be necessary? People understand truth! But they don’t actually understand the truth, and they generally have even less of an understanding about what a lie really is.

What is a lie? Lies are like mosquitoes. No matter how you turn or where you go, lies will always find you. They come at you from above, from the rear, from each side and yes, even from the front where you can see them coming. Why? Because lies only exist to serve someone else’s purpose. Lies have no other reason to exist except to serve someone else’s purpose! That is why they tell lies -- to serve their own purposes! When you are listening to someone tell you something which serves their own purpose, you can know that you are listening to a lie (advertising comes to mind). To serve that other person’s purpose, he must throw those lies at you in a constant stream in order to fool you into accepting each lie. One of your first clues that something is a lie is when the facts about that something are endlessly repeated until you are literally tired of hearing about them -- balancing the federal budget comes to mind.

The truth, on the other hand, is like a rare gem. You must make an effort to uncover and savor its beauty. Since the truth seldom serves anyone’s purpose, it is only occasionally out in plain sight but must be mined and worked for by you. Like a diamond, the truth is indestructible and will always be there, waiting to be found.

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