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Religion 2...Jesus vs man

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posted on Jun, 5 2006 @ 07:31 PM
Okay this is something that just poped in my head. i would of added to my other tread but it might just be to long for people to read and you wouldnt get the point.

Jesus is the Son of God...we are all children of GOD...There by speaking that Jesus is man itself. you pobaly dont get it.

Jesus sacerfised himself for what he believed in. Jesus is not just one man but men. Which there saying we are all Jesus. The bible took all man and made it into a charictor...that why it is so heard to find real sequential evendence that he ever exicted but he does exict in ourselfs.....i know im going the opesite way with this one other then my other tread but know im on both sides. but still the bible is just a book to me and i still dont realy believe in him...but this kinda makes sence.

Our ancesters took one man to repesent all man...the good he did goes though the good of all man. Though our hate man still do some good. He was crusified for his sins beacuse of man which is like saying one man must suffer and die for the rest to have good in them.....let me try to put that into a pint that you might the death penalty we kill them because the killed someone else so he dies and people feel beter that he wont walk of the streets any more....okay maby that wasnt a good one but i hope that u try to get the point that im trying to say...

Im never asking to believe me all im asking is that you try to get your own aspect on life other then trying to follow some one else...

"Diversity is the best thing you have though it is always threatened." Andrew Smith


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