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Patrick Henry College - Future Christian Republicans?

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posted on Jun, 5 2006 @ 03:32 PM
As usual, I have no idea if this topic has been covered here before, but never mind.

I have just been watching a Channel 4 (UK) documentary about the aforementioned Patrick Henry College in Virginia. The college is a Christian college whose founder espouses education according to the literal word of the bible with the specific purpose of preparing students for a career in the political sphere, with a particular affiliation to the GOP. The 'long-game' is the desire to influence American society away from what is seen as 'moral decay'.

There were many interesting moments :

- At the student's inauguration, the founder of PHC said words to the effect 'I don't care what Plato says, if it's in the Bible, that's what is true'.

- Students volunteered to lobby in opposition to asbestos compensation claims, as such compensation was said to be 'not in the interests of business'.

- Students lobbying in opposition to estate tax, as 'the earth is the Lord's'.

- Students asserted that Christianity is the only valid faith, as it was the oldest.

I have to admit, to me, the prospect of such intense and, almost, blinkered people being groomed for high office, is somewhat disconcerting. The use of the phrase 'Christian Republic' immediately conjured up images of other religious republics around the world, with one in particular standing out.

It would also appear that Christian doctrine is not incompatible with big business practices, which I found ironic given that the perception of capitalism can sometimes be tinged by a sense of unfairness and corruption.

I have to give these people their due however. The concept of moral relativism is firmly rejected, so at least the position adopted by these people is unambiguous, even if the prospect of these people coming to office and 'shaping America's cultural destiny' is somewhat disturbing

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