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Missing time due to sedation through hospital medication yet according to others conversing in conve

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posted on Jun, 5 2006 @ 11:17 AM
It has come to my attention this evening on my 22nd b'day that a secret that i was withholding from my family in regards to me being arrested without charge has become a catalyst to a newly formed theory within my own head.
I openly talked about what it was i was witholding with my parent/gaurdian about what it was i experienced the day i was arrested and taken to a local hospital.
I explained in detail what it was my experiences were and was confronted with a co-existant answer of what it was my family experienced the same day, it was somewhat startling yet eye opening and at the same time re-affirming the overall cover up of what happened to me.
I was arrested for dangerous driving/evading police/ resisting arrest which created a car chase to ensue. when approched by the officer with pepper sparay i said "your not going to pepper spray me are you" he said "no" and put the cannister away i then was informed to get out of the vehicle and put my hands up, I did so, when the officer tried to put my hands behind my back i had an overwhelming sense to invoke the almighty powers of 'god almighty' and did so i was able to stop the officer from putting one arm behind my back for 3 mins approx. with little effort on my behalf yet he was trying with all his strength with both arms to put it behind my back in the end i allowed him to do so voulentarily as 3 other units had arrived on the scene.
i was then placed in the paddy wagon/ dog box and asked a simple question "are you alright " to which i replied "I am"
I was then taken to a hospital
and to cut a long story short for now had my blood pressure taken and heart rate taken by stephiscope and was then asked to have an ECG (electronic Cardio Gram)
I said " I do not give my consent for you to give me an ecg you have my systolic dystolic pressure plus heart rate times two 30 secs the machine will not tell you any different" at this time i was surrounded by two officers with guns a doctor and a nurse. they then asked me to make a urine sample, to that i agreed to. but before being supplied with the jar two more gentlemen have entered the curtain room/cubicle, both mind you wearing black suits white shirts black ties. i knew instantly part of the reason why they were there. I asked them to to provide identification which they both failed to do so but replied instantanously "we are security" i have now been given a jar by a nurse and have 6 people in the vicinity of the curtain cubicle. call it what you will but 'stage fright' definately got the better of me and i was unable to do so what it was they were asking of me. to my discomfort with the situation and discontent i said after a short period "give me a catherta" the doctor took off, come back minutes later meanwhile two menacing black suited fellows were there, i was no longer preoccupied with the police who had guns it was more intimidating with the 'security' being there (we're talking 6'4 maouri bloke built and for some reason the other fellow i can't recall) doctor starts to walk in with his syringe that i was not made aware of its contents, and the five others in the room jumped me and restrained me i showed no resistance i was not a harm to myself or to others, despite displaying my strength at the time to the arresting officer and was consequently injected with an unknown substance by the doctor.
my next recollection from that point onwards is becoming consciencely aware of my surroundings whilst sitting in a seat in the lobby of a mental institution 1 and a half days later where i then weighed up the situation i was faced with and tried to escape to no evail. what i was faced with tonight on revealing the secret i witheld is that in that day and a half period i was visited by my parents who told me that i had conversations with them and that i had, had a meeting with a pyschiatrist who deemed it necessary for me to go to where it was i became re-aware basing his opinion on what it was i told him in our conversations.

posted on Jun, 5 2006 @ 11:28 AM
what baffles me is how a person (in this case being me) can be injected with a hospital drug and then have no recollection of their conscience being for a day or more yet supposedly be able to induldge in conscience conversations with other people during that period. I do know for one thing that documents that i had in my car at the time of arrest were of a detremental nature to the controlling govts. of the world and what scares me is the possibility that through the administrations of drugs, the forces that be, were able to extract information contained within my mind without me being aware of it. worrisome times yet a revelation. i am glad i chose not to keep this a secret

i f anyone tries to discredit what i have posted i will be very much dissapointed
you can srutinise what has been said but please do not discredit

because it is an event based on a real life situation and that life happens to be my own

would anyone happen to know a name of a drug kept by some hospitals that could account for this reaction with plausability and conviction

posted on Jun, 5 2006 @ 12:06 PM
From your description of the car chase and arrest, it sounds like you had a psychotic episode (or were "self-medicated", so to speak).

Perhaps you were given an anti-psychotic, or maybe needed a sedative to protect yourself and others around you, or maybe you just got hold of some bad e or something and needed time to detox.

In any case, here's some links about drugs which can all induce amnesia:


Anti-psychotics and sedatives:

Evil conspiracy out to get you:

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posted on Jun, 5 2006 @ 03:59 PM
I'll second the pyschotic episode theory.

Sounds like "Conspiracy Theory" to me.

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