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What this world really needs...(OP/ED)

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posted on Jun, 4 2006 @ 08:06 PM
Just watched an excellent movie classic "Mr. Smith goes to Washington" This is what the free world really need. There should be a Mr. Smith in Washington, in Ottawa, in London, in the United Nations and in every democratic country.

For the People, by the People... elected to lead by example and to uphold the very laws of Constitution, the Charter of Rights, and every countries basic tenants of existence held true and dear by the free people of the world.

Is there honesty in politics? Haven't seen much lately. Politicians run on a platform of telling the people one thing and once in office do a 180 to suit the needs of the ones that funded their road to the powe seats. Not to be held accountable because they fork out dollars and favors, create a few jobs and pork barrel projects that con the citizens into believing that they are working for them all the while slowly taking away the Peoples rights and freedoms.

Amazingly most of them re-elected again and again. Passing laws that allow the real criminals to make hoards of money, polluting the planet which will eventually effect the quality of life (be there one, when all is said and done). They slowly underine our Rights by spreading fear and panic into the "flock of sheeple" that put them in power.

God help us if a real Mr. Smith shows up. He/she would be written of as a quack or nut job. Maybe even assasinated. The bird of freedom and democracy needs two wings to fly, the left and the right and not to mention all the stuff in the middle that holds it all together.

Laws are being changed, not to suit and better the whole picture, but just corners and edges. Judges are issuing rulings that truly don't interprete the law, but fit their personal agendas and the agendas of the people that appointed them.

Might as well give all the power to an Evil Emperor and be done with it. Let them rule us rather in the open then hiding under all this fluff and BS.

posted on Jun, 4 2006 @ 08:49 PM
I don't thing that many "MR. Smiths" actually make it to top political positions because the system supports "do me a favour and I will help you" more than the moral upstanding needed to be a "mr. Smith". It is a more "cover your butt" and "line your pockets and your friends pockets" position that get most people forward in politics.

Until more of the general public get involved with politics, the rich will continue to have their way. Protests like the ones that urged the illegal aliens and supporters to get out and air their opinion will show what it could be like if all members of the population got involved.

To make it a truly balanced system all citizens have to be involved and take part.


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