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posted on Jun, 4 2006 @ 04:51 PM
if we are ever to fully grasp the Extra-Terrestrials level of awareness we must first be able to understand their psychodynamics. through research and first hand experience i have been able to deduce the ET have an inate cognitive function, its logical that they are able to construct foundations of knowledge in order to form a base of awareness. awareness i have seen displayed through telepathic communication and manuverability of their space craft. comparatively conjugating we can see that they have evolved intellectually in a sense rather impressively and resoundingly through out the course of their stay in the universe. from single cell amiba to dimitridon to monkey, our brains have grown to about 3 times the size of our simian anscetory. seeing as their brains are about 2 times the size of ours, it would be safe to say they are cognitively more evolved. see look here...

unfortunatly we know not the chemicle make up of their brains, one can speculate however that it is made up of entirely unknown types of matter. as humanity continues its path of discover we learn about what makes us who we are. learning of the physical make up of the universe we pass through those once gated tunnels of knowledge and become aware of the energy of the mind. what i propose is that our minds energy and psychodynamical structure is its own singular time pulse. forms of complex energy associated with how we lived and what we know are what drives our will. as stated in my mind choke thread we are as interacting human beings subject to emotional confliction, where the memorie of the pain you caused creates darkness from the hatred it spured. as time moves foward we all continue to learn and grow which assists in our ability to forgive and love.

or take it from my cool cousin J-ROD...

Drawing by Dan Burisch, Ph.D., of J-Rod suddenly encircling the microbiologist with his long arms inside the special environmental sphere inside the Papoose Mountain S-4 facility. Many images and thoughts flooded Dr. Burisch's mind until he lost consciousness. Some of those thoughts were "Look into the eyes of your own brother." "A new heaven, a new earth?" "Find love." The residue of the experience in Dr. Burisch's mind was J-Rod's frustration at being held a "captive" by a "brother" human, linked through past, present and future time lines.

posted on Nov, 8 2006 @ 04:23 AM

Originally posted by sturod84
unfortunatly we know not the chemicle make up of their brains,

There's another perfect example that this sturod character is inside Area 51.

Your response's please post at:

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