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Mysterious Stones of Rajajil

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posted on Jun, 4 2006 @ 03:03 PM

Here is an interesting story about a perhaps lesser known set of mysterious stones.

From what minor research I've done on the area it seems that these stones are set into distinct groupings. There are between 32 - 54 different stones. They apparently follow the path (or correlate) to sunrise and moonrise.

The stones date from before 6,000 - 3,500 BC. There are some markings and writing on the stones. The writing thus far appears to be in the Thalmudic language family. This was a Semitic language. The writing probably came from a great deal of time after the construction of the stones as this language dates to a much more modern (relatively speaking) time period. There are also indications that the stones may have had to do with a pre-Islamic diety known as "Widd" (there may be alternate spellings). Widd is referred to as a goddess.

Interestingly, this area was referred to as part of Canaan from the Bible. Ancient artwork suggests that the land was once full of lakes and trees. Assyrian invaders made mention of this land after their invasions. They wrote of a land ruled by powerful queens.

Anyone know anything else about the goddess Widd? Or an alternate spelling? I couldn't find much.


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