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USA what to do?

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posted on Jun, 3 2006 @ 01:23 PM
We always gripe about what our governement does and does not do.

Here is what I would do if in charge to fix todays hot issues.

1. I would continue the tax breaks.

2. Iraq
I would grab Saddam and the other cronnies and depart Iraq. (Can always remove another rouge governement that could emerge. (Irag is no threat right now). I would use this money on the US border issues and FEMA.

3. Israel/Palistine ( Don't care) would just get out of the problem other than maintaining Alliance with Israel. I would let Israel handle it.

4. I would build the fence on the border and hugely increase the Border security guards (would create more jobs), Start prosecuting CEO's and businesses that hire or have illegals working for them. I would give a 30 Day warning and provide free busing to those illegals who would like to reutrn to Mexico after they get fired by all the CEO's not wanting to go to jail. I would not remove Illegals but I also would not feed or house them. If they enter a hospital or attempt to get help/benifits after treatment/aid they would then be forced to return to Mexico.

I would make it much faster to become an American the right/legal way.

5. Turn emergency mangement for natural disasters over to the Pentagon.

6. Boost Nasa's budget to 50 billion a year and seriously persue space exploration and exploitation.

7. Completely fund Levy contruction in NO to with stand Cat 5 and higher Hurricanes.

8. Build a National disaster center somewere (Safe, Sanitary block buildings with beds, showers, bathrooms, busses and water reserves) in the United States with enough infrastructure to support up to 500000 people in times of national emergencies. Would have the military maintain it.

9. Term Limits for congress and senate ( Two terms maximum). Sorry to say this but our congress/senate is corrupt to the core. No honorable men there at all.

Now post your issues and fixes!


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