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Australia well prepared for flu: expert

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posted on Jun, 3 2006 @ 05:46 AM
Australia well prepared for flu: expert

June 1, 2006 - 6:19AM

Australia is well prepared to handle a possible spread of deadly bird flu from Indonesia, a senior veterinary expert at the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) said.

The virus primarily causes disease in birds but has killed 127 people around the world since it re-emerged in Asia in late 2003.

Many countries around the world are on alert, especially after the recent flurry of human bird flu cases in Indonesia, as they fear it may mutate into one that spreads easily among people and trigger a pandemic, killing millions...continues

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posted on Jun, 3 2006 @ 11:20 AM
Worth bearing in mind that those interested in launching a world wide
cull via lab-created diseases won't leave it to chance or rely
on birds.

Interesting little item on the whore media (before it was pulled) about six
months ago in Oz. We were shown half a dozen individuals being
hurried out of what appeared to be some new kind of ambulance. We
were told that they were 'Americans' on some sort of group trip to Oz.
They'd only been in the country a brief time. It was claimed they had
contracted 'food poisoning' .... which (were were told) was highly
contagious ! (????).

Those sheparding the Americans into a medical facility were clothed head to foot in maxi-hazard gear. Full face masks, the lot. All in white. They looked as if they were off for a walk on the moon. This occurred on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Contagious food poisoning ? Most people have had food poisoning at some
juncture in their lives. It's caused by rotten or infected food. That poison is
in the gut of the sufferer. Those who haven't eaten the rotten food don't have symptoms, unless they're infected via feces. I've never heard of 'highly contagious food poisoning' --- has anyone else?

After the brief news snippet, the story sank like a stone.

It's my suspicion that those determined to decimate the world's populations via
Bird Flu and other nasties, deliberately infect 'carriers' whom they then put on international flights. Not all that long ago, an American women described in the mainstream news as a 'model', died whilst en route from the US to the UK. It sounds as if they gave her too strong a dose. It was probably intended that she live for at least a week in London, spreading her disease to as many people as possible. Ditto the 'food poisoning' victims who were sussed by health authorities in Australia and isolated before they could do the intended damage.

World leaders may be prepared to rubber-stamp everything that comes out of the corrupt Bush cabal, but the health authorities in 'target' nations are a different matter and so far have done a great job of limiting the spread of the intended 'bird flu pandemic'. I guess the Bush cabal has forced virtually every nation to purchase millions of dollars worth of bird-flu antidote, just as Bush took it upon himself to order several million doses of 'anthrax vaccine' at the height of the staged 'terrorist anthrax threat'. Apparently, Bush and his gang held huge numbers of shares in the company which produced the 'anthrax vaccine'. So in effect, the US taxpayer was forced to hand over more millions of dollars to the obscenely wealthy Bush, Cheyney and Rumsfeld families. Same old same old.

They most probably hypnotise the bird-flu mules before putting them on international flights. Probably use allegedly 'missing' persons for the task? Give them phoney IDs so they can't be traced back, inject them with massive doses of the disease -- then inject them again to keep their symptoms in check for the duration of the flight, etc. They probably work on ratio of one in ten making it through to the intended destination to spread their disease. There are probably a lot more people dying en route than we'll ever know. There's likely some new law now, swearing airlines to secrecy. Guess anyone in contact with the infected-mules in transit would be a bonus for the satanists.

We can only hope someone close to the bastards behind all this will become infected and cough up a lungful whilst in the presence of the mighty leaders and would-be architects of human-kind's extinction. Now that would be poetic justice. Hope the gods are reading this and getting the hint.


posted on Jun, 4 2006 @ 07:26 AM
dude, do you really believe all that junk?

some funny people on here

sorry to be blunt, but even if bird flu IS rigged, that stuff you're talking about is loopy.

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