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Missing time experience today!

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posted on Jun, 3 2006 @ 01:58 AM
I had seen some strange lights in the night sky (possible iridium flare) and some odd metalic objects in the sky (which I believe was merely an aircraft without it's contrail visible) I thought; hey I had some interesting sights this year!

Well, it's just got a whole lot more interesting, I didn't see anything today, but I most definitly experienced something...odd...

I work as a Stockman at Wal-Mart, I had to help a lady with carrying out her groceries and helping her load them in the car (she said she couldn't lift or something), she started a conversation with me, I thought: she is just hitting on me (happens quite frequently at work), then she asked me if I was religious, and I responded that I was raised Atheist and am Agnostic (even though I have a facination with Satan I didn't mention it to not freak her out), she asked me if I wanted to do a prayer, and I was like sure whatever, after that she asked me if she could put her hand on my head and I humored her once again and she said some prayer again. (something about the broken hearted or what not), I believe this was due to me telling her that my wife had MS and was depressed she couldn't do things she wanted to do, she claimed that 'god' or 'jesus' could fix that and she had to reassure me that God, Jesus and Hell were real.

She claimed she was mentioned in a book since her daughter had a miracle happen to her and went from total disability to completely able bodied and she had some impressive acheivements at school (can't remember what exactly, something much rarer than just an honor role student), she gave me her phone number, the name of the book and told me what church to go to, I humored her and took it. (BTW she claimed she usually never talks to people about this, but the 'lord' told her to talk to me about because I was 'troubled').

This in it self wasn't really that interesting, but after that something something very interesting happened, it was around 7:30 or 8:00 when I did the carry, maybe talked for about 15~30 minutes, I walked away, looked at my watch and it was 9:30!!!, I went back into Wal-Mart and asked a Customer Service Manager how long it was ago since I did my last carry out, she said something like: I don't know, it was a while ago like around 8 o'clock or so.

I can not account for my missing time what so ever, it went from dusk to dark instantly, I wonder if the Wal-Mart security camera's picked up something, it would be interesting if they did, I had missing time experiences before but none recently, I believe she and the missing time could be somehow related but I do not exactly know how.

I have no strange marks or anything else to really proof I was abducted but it sure did make me feel very strange (almost surreal).

Do you think I could have been abducted in a busy parking lot on around 7:45~8:30pm?! this event certainly left me puzzled.

IS there anyone that can suggest what I should do next?

I certify that this story is a 100% real and not fabricated in anyway, I will leave it up to your interpertation.

Thank you.

posted on Jun, 3 2006 @ 02:08 AM
GeeZee, thats some whack shizzle right there. But I really think you and that lady HAD to of been talking for that duration of time and you just lost mental track of it. It happens. Not alot but it does happen. I have experienced the time fly right ot the window and fully expected it to be ...say... 2:00 and in fact it was like 3:15 or some crap. I am 90% of the time very accurate with the time without the aid of a timepiece but once in a blue moon I loose it.

Try not to read into this experience too much... you will start to believe what you might anxiously be desireing... an encounter... even if it absolutely did not happen. This is how schitzo's are born.

posted on Jun, 3 2006 @ 02:12 AM
I have considdered this but I do not believe my conversation lasted that long though.

I will not get too preoccupied with this experience but I did feel the need to atleast share it with ATS.

posted on Jun, 3 2006 @ 02:14 AM
have you considered anything the woman told you? you say you have a fascination with Satan.....perhaps you had a religous expierence of sorts.

In my opinion, and yes, I am religous......take her advice, or talk to her, tell her what happened....

I think perhaps she was sent to you for a reason, I have had this happen to me.

I walked up and said something to someone and they looked shocked.....I did this to a preacher, yes he was a preacher, but when I told him something that was bothering me he nearly hit the floor.

dont underestimate God.....

I am sure more will be forthcoming.....

posted on Jun, 3 2006 @ 04:32 AM
If you really feel you had missing time, and this woman was doing something to you, can you ask Walmart if you can view the tape?

Maybe you should get the book she suggested, read it.

I had a similar experience, but there was no missing time invovled. I was waiting for my teenage son to pick me up outside my doctor's office. he was very late, said the car broke down. He said he had driven by at one point b4 the car broke down, but I wasn't standing there. I kind of accused him of leaving me there on purpose, whilst he did other things ! His story of being late was full of holes. I was very depressed that day, cus of something that happened earlier in the day, that was kind of the last straw. I really didn't care if I lived or died. Anyways this old man was walking down the street, quite far away, he was on the other side of the road. He began to cross the road, then walked up to me.

He said 'I noticed you and felt i should come over and talk to you, even though it is not my business. I am 80 years old, and I hope you can live to be my age" . He said he was religious and went on about God, and how valuable life was & how lucky he was to have had such a long life, and was still in good health. I told him I wasn't really religious and he said it didn't matter. He must have talked to me for 15 minutes all about the meaning of life, saying "I beg of you to please, please value your life, I am older and much wiser than you". I didn't let on I was feeling depressed. It was very strange, as if he was meant to approach me and give me this advice." Maybe it was nothing, but sheer coincidence, but it had a profound impact on me. At this point, it seemed this stranger was the only person who cared.

But anyways, it would be interesting to get an update from you, if your wife's health inproves, and if the book gives you some insight.

posted on Jun, 3 2006 @ 04:37 AM
When I was 11 I was sitting on the beach and a jogger stopped next to me and put his hand on his head and said "Jesus loves you". Wierded the shizzle out of me because the beach was packed and he had been running from one end to the other and only stopped to say that to me.

posted on Jun, 3 2006 @ 06:33 AM
Wow GZ. Thats weird.

But its unlikely you were abducted. Abductions have never happened in crowded, busy areas full of awake, alert people. In come cases, a person was usually lured off somewhere from a crowded area to a place abandoned and then taken.

For your own peace of mind, i would try and review the video tapes from the security cameras.

But from the sounds of it, Im pretty damn sure you lost track of time. This can happen, even though you are certain you werent conversing for long.

It sounds more like you were "witnessed" to by some Jesus nut. Its happened to me before. They can babble on for hours, and its easy to lose track of time.

At the most, if no explaination satisfies, Id look more towards a paranormal experience than an alien abduction one.

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