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History is Written by the Victors, Why Not the Bible?

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posted on Jun, 2 2006 @ 02:04 PM
I'm not really versed in the Bible but I was just thinking about the war in Heaven, and I decided to go at it from a different angle. No offence is intended through my post, but as I say, I am just stating a wild theory which popped into my head.

The Bible states that Lucifer was a bad seed who craved God's throne and rallied others to his cause. They rebelled and caused a holy civil war, and, after losing, they were damned to Hell.

But maybe that isn't what happened. What if God (whatever it is) had decided to force humanity to worship him. What if he demanded sacrifices to prove his subjects loyalty, wars to spread his name, and blood to quench a thirst. What if the God we all consider (not neccessarily believe in) was in fact a brutal being with an inferiority complex.

Now Lucifer, who had watched Gods behaviour, began to realise that it was wrong to enslave another. He watched as humanity became more and more oppressed by the Ruler of Heaven and Earth. Lucifer would then preach his case to the masses of angels, convincing many that Gods behaviour was wrong and unjust.
After amassing enough likeminded individuals, Lucifer demands God stop his sadistic behaviour and leave humanity to grow untouched.

The War starts, Lucifer falls, and God tells everyone that Lucifer was a rebel enemy who coveted all the powers of the creator. Lucifer, unable to defend himself, has no defence, and so become the Enemy.
Heaven's propaganda (literature, art etc) depict Lucifer as a Beastly horned demon, and he is named the Antichrist.

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posted on Jun, 15 2006 @ 01:19 AM
lucifer litterally translates into the "bringer of light"

Everything in the bible was written by the hand of a person, flesh and blood. keep that in mind. lucifer was whooped down upon for wanting to enlighten humans. who knows how this information was passed from the timeless age of heaven to the humble scribes hand...

remember when Moses rallied an army to lay waste to the cannanites? He was told that the land of cannan was the land promised to the jews. we know this because the Jews won that little incursion.

posted on Jun, 15 2006 @ 09:46 AM
about lucifer being the "bringer of light"...I think that implies a secondary "god" figure in our solar system (the sun being one) and Jupiter being the second. Jupiter if my facts are correct, is an unexploded star that upon a large enough impact would turn into a second sun. This would send our system in havoc as another star completely messes up the 12 around 1 aspect. It is possible we had a second sun earlier in the lifetime of our solar system, but it is more likely that the second sun has actually never "turned over" so to speak. Links following:

posted on Jun, 15 2006 @ 01:07 PM
JoB, you are not far from what the Gnostics believed. That the God of Abraham was an imperfect reflection of the true God and Jesus was sent, as the serpent and the Christ, to show man his true origin and how this world is an illusion made by the demurge(old testament God) to imprison us. Just look at the difference in attitude between the old and new testament. Just the fact that you came to this idea on your own might say something about the truth.

posted on Jun, 15 2006 @ 03:22 PM
I mean it would make sense.

If you were to ask a supporter of Hitler what happened during WWII they would tell you that a great man attempted to bring a just, good society to the world.
Others would say a fascist, racist tyrant attempted to force the world into submission.

The point above is that things are subjective, and because we won the war our history is truth. Had the Nazis won our truth would be different.

God appears to be quite sadistic. A look on Evil Bible shows various accounts of rape, sacrifice, slavery and murder among other crimes. Also during the Crusades, any who denounced God was put to death, some even eaten.
Would a god of love and care demand that of his children?

posted on Jun, 15 2006 @ 03:40 PM

Originally posted by JackofBlades
Would a god of love and care demand that of his children?

Nope, he most certainly wouldn't. A lot of Christians ignore the hideous things that god of the old testament demanded of his followers. Yet the old testament is somehow still part of Christianity.

Jesus was quite different. Love your neighbors, do unto others, etc. I see no connection between the sadistic god of the old testament and Jesus.

I too have wondered if Lucifer was in fact a good guy. What's so wrong with knowledge anyway? So god wanted us to be a bunch of mindless animals running around nekked in some garden I guess.

posted on Jun, 16 2006 @ 01:01 PM
I think the idea of the devil (the enemy, antichrist etc) follows on form how pagan religions were destroyed.
The truly old religions were stomped out by convincing people that they were evil, when paganism was about nurture and care and life.
Maybe Satan was about freedom, and forging our own path, but God decided he wanted slaves not children

Did you know that the image of Satan (horned goat dude) is a corruption of the god of fertility and virility Pan?

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posted on Jul, 30 2009 @ 09:39 AM
reply to post by JackofBlades is Dead

Large portions of have been considered, dissected and declared fallacious on very many levels.
Two examples of this fact are as follows:

Whilst besmirching the Bible for allegedly commanding rape, for some odd reason, neglects to mention the most relevant biblical text related to the biblical view of and law about rape. Why this omission? Who knows, but it would certainly have gotten in the way of a good session of emotive expression of prejudice—it would have discredited to reference this most important text. Indeed, those annoying little facts have an annoying way of getting in the way of good fallacious assertions.

Whilst besmirching the Bible for allegedly commanding human sacrifice, for some odd reason, neglects to mention that the Bible does not command but condemns human sacrifice., for some odd reason, neglects to mention that when the Bible reports that human sacrifices did take place they were carried out by Gentile Pagans who were not worshiping the God of the Bible but various false gods. When “Jews” were performing human sacrifices it was only when they turned away from the God of the Bible and joined Gentile Pagans in worshiping various false gods. Yet, in typical militant activist atheist fashion, does not condemn Gentile Pagans but only condemns the Jews.
Further evidence of this is found at this URL:

posted on Jul, 31 2009 @ 03:34 PM
Very interesting thread. I too have wondered the same....

I have also always wondered how God can change his ways from the old to the new testament. Bipolar? Or maybe it is just the fact that Jesus came around... Maybe God still has a bad temper and Jesus is the more laid back, saying " Pop.... whats the point of throwing another plague at the humans? " Or maybe he just had a change of heart.

I would love to have a group conversatuion about this with a christian and a satanic priest. I mean if we were having a group convo it might open up a new door and we might find out that there was an unknown 3rd party that provoked both... That is kinda out there but I still would l love to talk about this with a group of priests.

Any priests around that could shed some light?

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