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Need some information

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posted on Jun, 1 2006 @ 12:41 PM
I could use a little help if anyone happens to know the answer to this...

Long story short, my mom's ex banged her car up pretty good and we're gearing up to add yet another civil case to his already impressive record. We've found a pretty fair deal of info on him through superior court web pages, but the two raps we know he has, we can't seem to find... apparently he's been to civil court more times than the ACLU, committed insurance fraud, and beat up his kid, but his drug rap and his domestic violence.

To make matters more interesting, we're getting two separate rap sheets, different middle names, and different dates of birth, BOTH connected to his driver's license number.

So, short of paying intellius 40 bucks without even knowing if their report will contain the info we need, how does one access a persons record?

The way I see it, Intellius is obviously getting their information online and they're obviously not getting it for as much as they charge we average joes for it. How do they do it, and can I do it too?


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