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The war against Iran is well under way…The west is winning, and we are missing it

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posted on May, 31 2006 @ 10:31 AM
The United States has already attacked Iran, and has been doing so for years. But instead of dropping bombs, the USA is planting the seeds of revolt and dissention. So when the Whitehouse issue’s statements that Iran will not be invaded, it’s telling you the truth, but that doesn’t mean operations aren’t well under way.

Iran is in constant turmoil from within; the youth of Iran want the freedoms of the west, not the oppression of the Mullahs. And the west hears that loud and clear. Dissention is the weapon of the west, and the Mullahs are all but arming its opposing youth to the teeth with it.

You and I don’t read much about it, but its happening each and every day: Protests and demonstrations against the government in Iran. We don’t hear about it because the Iranian media is controlled and mostly government ran. The average Iranian doesn’t want nuclear “energy”, they want jobs, fair pay, and to be treated like humans. And heavens forbid a taste of western culture without the fear of being jailed, tortured, or executed over it.

The Iranian President is worried, and he should be. The USA has been aggressively tapping into this dissention for years and the effort is starting to yield results. But USA cannot take full credit; the Iranian government itself is doing more to fuel the dissention from within than any other cause with its nasty record of brutality against its people. The USA is just making sure the youth of Iran acts on its convictions and making sure the momentum is kept up.

But all you and I hear about is the possible military action against Iran, we don’t hear about this asymmetric assault on Iran. The western media doesn’t report this; dissention doesn’t sell papers like bombs do. But if you pay careful attention to what the leaders of Iran are saying in non western media sources, its clear there is tremendous pressure from within. The Ayatollah Ali Khamenei last week made statements accusing the USA of stirring its people as well as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s comments earlier that the USA is ”provoking divisions and differences” among the Iranian people.

There are forces in Iran right now pushing the country into revolt, and it’s being backed by the USA (and others?). The Iranian leaders themselves are all but crying uncle at the pressures from their people and the west.

Condoleezza Rice recently asked Congress for an additional $75 million dollars to “support democratic efforts” within Iran. How much are they already spending? Think about that, the USA is spending money to support a democratic movement in a country that the leaders don’t want a democratic movement in. that what you want, but that’s an attack, it’s just not using bullets and bombs.

And the reactions and comments from the leaders of Iran all but prove the effectiveness of this attack.

The war with Iran is under way, and the west is winning. Each and every day that a protest takes place and the Iranian government “stomps” it out with violence and brutality, the west has posted another victory in the war against the Iranian government. Soon the protests will be so large the Mullahs won’t be able to oppress it anymore, and they will fall.

The western media won’t report this to you, so you and I have a responsibility to seek out this information for ourselves. Its there if you look for it.

In the mean time, the Mullahs are falling…

Some additional recources:
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posted on May, 31 2006 @ 11:16 AM
Good thread Skippy! This is so true.

It's a standard tactic for the west to be in there "rabble rousin". It is certainly nice and quiet and stops the general public from getting uppity about prolonged war etc

posted on May, 31 2006 @ 12:00 PM
North Korea fascinates me for many reasons. But the single biggest reason is the way they appear to be a manual for anyone who is truly bent on holding power at all costs. They have caused at least 20% of their population to starve to death, and goodness knows what the percentage would be if you included all the other lives they had laid to waist both for political reasons and political suspicions over the last 50 years.
And though the countries economy is a wreck of course it doesn’t seem to bother the leaders who will inevitably lead lives of luxury come what may. And the North’s economy has as much to do with a globally recognised failed economics policy (Stalinist Marxism) as it does to have with the loss all the bright people they kill for political reasons.
Iran is not North Korea. But should it ever be needed (due to the U.S steering up trouble) then there are plenty of lessons the Iran regime can learn from North Korea (say in a sort of “regime emergency”).

One of the single biggest reasons for the North Korean regimes success is its complete and total control of information. And just like in Iran they too have outsiders broadcasting all manner of facts and also propaganda. But it falls on death ears because the penalty in North Korea for listening to it is at least ten years in a hard labour camp.
If Iran wanted to isolate its people from the rest of the world it would be a difficult but hardly impossible task. Why their own government could even create “mock” outsider propaganda insulting Islam and the like if it where truly necessary. Also because Iran is chiefly an oil exporter it doesn’t need that much interaction with the rest of the world just to pump a black liquid out of the ground (especially when China seems to be such an eager customer).

But North Korea is not the be and end all of how to run a dictatorship. The western world, with the United States as a leading figure has “evolved” a way that meets many of the key objectives of a dictatorship without actually killing anyone…
1. The people’s representatives can be lobbied by big business to get the campaign funds they need (in Iran replace that with the Iotallah). In effect this pressure already exists not for campaign funds but for permission to stand.
2. Most of the media (will if unchecked) naturally become a capitalist monopoly. Get them to side with you and you already have a level of information control (and again without killing anyone). Because most of society gets their information from the mass media; it doesn’t matter too much about those who go to places like ATS and don’t.

However there are a few other additional steps the Iran regime should consider taking.
3. A propaganda ministry (with studios) capable of quickly “inventing the truth” at least concerning issues within their own country.
4. The creation of a secretive false political resistance (state infiltrated)
5. The ability and willingness to use machine guns against a crowd of opinion leaders who may at some point wish to gather together.
6. The controlled encouragement of controlled protests precisely so that the people in the crowd may be exterminated-dealt with.

Of course maybe none of the additional above steps will be necessary should the United States decide to stop steering the crowd within Iran.

P.S I did not event the above methods, nor do I encourage them, I just realise they exist and point them out.
This why I believe that any efforts by America or Israel are doomed to failure; its only if the Iran regime is asleep at the wheel they stand any chance of working; and that would require friends in high places within the regime itself (something difficult to obtain, and hard to hang onto without their names being caught).

Iran can justify any moves with authoritarianism as far as according to sceptic “the infidels really are trying to corrupt the holy state of Iran into another Israel” (that’s how they would put it, not how he did of course).

P.S One bad thing about the North Korean model is that because its so extreme one could argue that it isn’t in the long term interests of the even the leading people within it. That’s because should they (or their children) ever happen to move away from the circles of power; a poor life will await them.

So my question is this: Will Iran just go more authoritarian if their leading ideological enemy’s involvement is behind the paths of resistance?


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