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Bad Mojo? Am I cursed?

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posted on May, 31 2006 @ 06:10 AM
Hello all, let me begin my story at the beginning, when i was born, on friday the 13th. Ever since then it seems i encounter an inordinate amount of misfortune in my daily existence. I know that everyone deals with just plain bad luck, but for me it's a bit different. Mine is so drastic that my occurrences border on statistical improbability. I'm really not superstitious, I am an optimist, and make all efforts to think and act in a positive manner, and assert myself as master of MY universe. The universe tests me profusely for some reason.

One example is lightning, it likes me. So far I've only been hit once, but i was indoors seeking shelter. The day before i was standing outside at about the same time when a bolt of lightning hit the tree next to me. I got some charge off it. The next day it hit the window frame next to the tree, and from the window frame into my arm and everything went kinda dull as i was knocked away from the window. Ever since i was a kid, lightning would follow me. I'd be outside on a clear day, and out of nowhere lightning would explode a tree or a utility pole that was near me. It got to where it happened so often that i wouldn't flinch when stuff blew up around me, until i got struck, now i duck and cover again when i hear the crackling and get the tingling sensation.

Completely random things happen to me in cycles. For example, one night i was on my way to the skatepark, i had my helmet on, and while turning left at a 4 way stop sign a drunk driver in a big freakin delta 88 plows my CRX. He then tries to run, so i chased him down. The chase went on for a bit until i managed to corral him into a dead end street, i set up a roadblock and he tried to go around, went into a ditch, and back out, jumping dukes of hazzard style into a backyard shed. I ended up going to jail for an unpaid ticket from when my license was stolen and used by someone, but didn't get charged with "impersonating the dukes of hazzard". I did end up getting the ticket cleared up, getting out of jail, just in time to walk across town, get my wrecked car back, and show up for my first day at my new job. How did the first day go? Well, I got in the equipment truck (we were installing guardrails on roads) donned my helmet, and safety glasses just as the pile driver truck in front of us stops and the truck i was in didn't. The pointy end of the driver came crashing through the windshield and hit me in the head before punching through the back of the truck cab. The helmet saved my life, without it there'd be a big rectangular hole where my head is now, but my helemt bounced my head out of the way and i just got a few flying glass scratches. It was a trip though to look forward just as the glass shattered, and see 20 tons of steel smack me in the head. But i mean, both occurrences in less than 12 hours?

I've got tons of examples, including coming within feet of being plowed by a space rock once, but overall it just seems that there's something to it. I work in the kitchen now, and i don't get cut too often. When i do get a cut, it's not just one, it'll be 4 fingers in 2 days, pressure wrapped in duct tape and rubber gloves till i'm completely gimpy. I ended up in the hospital 3 times in 2 days from completely unrelated freak accidents one weekend, the day after surgery to fix a broken finger tendon from a previous failed surgery, i went outside the next day, falling in one hole during the day, spraining my ankle severely, back tot he hospitcal cause i was sure i broke it, and later on that day my crutch falling into a 3' deep fencepost hole in the grass, pulling the muscles in my neck and shoulders and knocking me out. I woke up in the back of an ambulance extremely beaten down by the universe.

Do you have multiple occurrences of misfortune like i do? Why?

I feel like i'm immersed in synchronicitry most of the time.

posted on May, 31 2006 @ 08:23 AM
Dude, sorry man but reading your post was kind of entertaining for me. Sorry man, we have a saying in chinese on not building our happiness on other people's misfortune but you had me chuckling along to your post. Maybe you could get an autobiography written up before it becomes a ...biography...

Hey just curious, do you have insurance?

posted on May, 31 2006 @ 08:32 AM
Its not Friday the 13th ! We've all been close to death at one point or another.
BUT- if you continue thinking you have bad luck and are cursed because you were born Friday the 13th, you will continue having bad luck you bring to yourself!

Tell yourself this is all in the past. From now on you will have better luck and everthing will be fine.

Try it and see.
Good luck, DG

posted on May, 31 2006 @ 12:39 PM
And every like five years or so a birthday falls on a Friday 13. It's all in the mind. It's just another day

The universe is filled with near death experiences and near misses. We all have moments where it seems these things are on our tail. Consider it a Kharmic warning if you must. Maybe it's just a way to demonstrate to you that you are just like eveyone else...misfortune hasn't struck you - you are still alive. Isn't that good luck??

I think you need to re-evalute the "glass half empty" theory. Although you could have been killed - you haven't been - so....

posted on May, 31 2006 @ 03:51 PM
Actually, I'm fairly amused at it by this point, so go ahead and laugh, that's what i do when disaster strikes.

Like i said, i refuse to believe that although i was born on that day, it doesn't have an effect. A few people who have seen me have unusual misfortunes have made cooments, in jest, but guessing correctly, "were you BORN on friday the 13th?" and "man, you must be the most unlucky person ever".

How about gambling? I've never won, anything, ever. When it comes to games of chance, so i just don't gamble at all. Driving through casino country in the south, i decided to stop and see if i could put a few bucks in a slot machine, i walked in, dropped a few quarters in a machine, pushed the button, and the machine died. I walked away, randomly to another machine, that also died when i tried to play.

The odd thing isn't just that i have bad luck, it's the multiple instances of strange events, in patterns that demand my attention, that's the part that has me puzzled. I know poo happens to everyone, but once i actually gave up and accepted darkness in my house because i made 5 trips to the store trying to buy a light tht worked in one day. I bought different types of lights, incandescent, flourescent, different brands, and every single one had a different problem.

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