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Anybody have a scanned Voynich Manuscript?

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posted on May, 30 2006 @ 05:49 PM
(sorry if this is the wrong forum for this...)

I'm looking for a copy of the Voynich manuscript. I've found a few links on the internet, but the only ones I found were both crappy resolution and had each page in its own file (200-some files) making it very time consuming to download, and the poor quality makes it too difficult to read.

Does anybody have a single file, like maybe a pdf or zip file with a bunch of decent scans of the manuscript? I'd like to take a good look at it. I searched on ATS and found several threads on the subject, but none offered a link to what I'm looking for. (at least none that weren't broken after a year or two) By "decent" scans, I would, ideally, like to have something that is lifesize, but that may not be realistic. I'll take whatever anyone has
I'm sure others would also be interested if someone has this.

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