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Lions under threat from Masai " delinquents "

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posted on May, 30 2006 @ 01:13 PM
According to latest news reports , the seemingly prevalent practice among young Masai warriors of killing a lion for spurious reasons is on the rise . Often killed simply to prove their masculinity and warrior prowess this practice is putting Kenyan lion populations under serious threat , if it continues unchecked .
The study, by the Kilimanjaro Lion Conservation Project, which includes scientists from the University of California, concludes that lions will be wiped out in one of their last remaining strongholds within a few years unless the Masai stop their ritual slaughter. ..........Seamus Maclennan, one of the report’s authors, said: “Quite simply, there have been too many lions killed in the past year, to the point where this population is almost unsustainable.”

“But there is also what can best be called delinquency, or young Masai men testing the boundaries of the law,” he added. “These are young men with nothing better to do than go out and kill a lion.”

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Labeling the perpetrators of this senseless slaughter as “ delinquents “ is hardly helpful . As if other cultures are guide , they will simply wear the “ delinquent “ tag as a badge of honour and attempt to kill more lions than their rivals in a bid to be “ most delinquent “. Rather education , and promotion of none destructive tests of their manhood should be encouraged , and the value of the lions made clear . Once they are gone ………. .

The Masai youth must be shown that their selfishness will wipe out wild lions in Africa if it continues unchecked . Their forefathers practice of killing lions in this way , had little impact . but nowadays they cannot simply carry on the old rituals unchecked , education has to be the key .

Lastly ,as this is happening in Kenya ,the home of some of the best managed game reserves in the world , and right under the nose of conservationists , then what is happening else where in the world ?

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