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Undeground Stock Markets and Bush's Doubles

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posted on May, 30 2006 @ 10:24 AM
After having researched conspiracy after conspiracy I think I've developed a pretty clear picture of how the world really works, what it is they don't want you to know, and what the politicians are really saying. In light of all this, and given that I got bored with some of the accepted conspiracy theories I decided to make a few of my own. Granted these are baseless and little more than a fun exercise but I believe that they are quite possible in our world situation.

Number One: In light of the recent caputre of a coc aine laden jet tied to Tom Delay and the copious amounts of evidence that our own government is the biggest supplier of narcotics in this country, and given the fact that there are large sums of money to be made from the sale and importing of narcotics is it at all posisble that there is a secret black market stock market? Shares of coc aine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamines and the like are bought and sold and the money is used to pay for the importing and distritbution fees. The prices per share are based upon, region, demand, and supply. When the crack supply runs low in South Central the prices sky rocket, massive money is made, and the predetermined percentage is used to keep the flow of drugs steady. You don't have to be a drug user to know that the prices of a given narcotic does fluctuate in comparison to inflation and demand, it seems a perfect area of commerce in which to trade taxable shares.

Perhaps it even goes past narcotics alone, perhaps there are shares of organ harvesting, child slavery and prostitution, black market weapons, indeed everything that we know goes on and is tied to not only the U.S but the world governments.

Number Two: George Bush, our current and most favoured of all presidents, has been known to say and do quite a few stupid things both on camera and off. The other day I was watching a clip of a white house dinner in which they did a bit placing the president and an impersonator next to eachother on matching podiums and they exchanged speaking time making everyone laugh. The impersonator was quite convincing to be honest which made me think, with all this talk of Saddam's doubles, why are we to think that our president doesn't use doubles? George Bush, I believe, is not as dumb as everyone makes him out to be, he's no Einstein but he's no idiot. Someone who was in the Skull and Bones and was shaped and bred to become the president would surely know how to handle a crowd when faced with an off topic question, his father certainly did. But often times we see him at a total loss for words, he often mispronounces words, misqoutes phrases and does other things unbecoming of someone of his educational background.

However, if Bush does use doubles where does he get them from? Well, they would come from just about anywhere, the middle of Wymoning, maybe Brooklyn, or even Alaska. They would also come from a diverse educational background not all being as well educated as our president. Perhaps Bush's incompetence is not Bush's at all but a failure in the trianing of his double. I think its quite easy to see this theory of Bush's doubles as possible, and given how many other leaders (supposedly) use doubles why would we think Bush doesn't?

Anyway, those are two for now, they may not be true but at least they're new, unless someone else has already thought of it in which case I'm not surprised in the least. I shold be getting back to work but I'll check back here and see what people think. If you have any of your own home grown theories I'd love to hear them, seriousness is optional.

posted on May, 30 2006 @ 10:30 AM

I heard not even a month ago on MSNBC, that on one of Bush's trips (forgot where), Clinton went along with his (Clinton's) DOUBLE. Now, it was done to throw off who was boarding which airplane.
I posted the story here, and nobody responded. MSNBC NEVER repeated that little story again... or any other stations. OOOOps....a slip of the tongue, i'm sure.

So, i'm fairly certain that Bush would have a double, as does Saddam, BinLaden, and many others. Can you imagine the CIA telling you to go with them because they can use ya. You look like so and so

posted on Jun, 10 2006 @ 05:44 AM
I asked about this elsewhere and also got no replies at all. How many doubles does Bush have? How many doubles does anyone in such a post have? This isn't a new thing by any means. How do you know which one is which. How far does this not-knowing extend - who in the govt. itself does not know for sure one way or the other. Maybe they all slack off and just send various doubles in to pose like they know what the job is or just stand around or sit at desks looking busy.

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 10:22 PM
I dont know whether tthere is some underground stock market that actually trades shares of some illegal comomdity like the real markets do, but its an interesting idea.

The bush double thing got me thinking. one is I would think its pretty hard to get someone that looks like him and speaks like him, but I suppose looks can be altered to some extent and they could probably get the voice right with enough coaching/training.

Maybe the dumb double goes and speaks to the press about mundane things while he tends to real business.

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