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Videos from Area 51 before the highway expansion.

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posted on May, 28 2006 @ 09:17 PM
Does anybody remember the time before Area 51 was completely made inaccessible to the general public?

There used to be a place along the highway that was owned by the National Parks service where alot of people used to take amazing video tapes of captured UFO craft that were being used by the American test pilots.

However sometime ago the military bought the area and increased the no go area around the base.

I've only seen one such video and it was fricking amazing. It was taken before the time of CGI graphics to so it was obviously the real deal.

* * *Anyone know where some of these videos can be found hopefully on the net?

On top of that I find it very interesting that a few years ago at least a hundred soldiers who were incharge of security staged a protest at the main gate and were crying out for UFO disclosure to the public. All of these people had alien pins on their military uniforms.

However they were threatened will the loss of their security passes and even their place in the mil. so the protest ended at that.


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