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X-Men Like Powers

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posted on May, 28 2006 @ 05:27 PM
I just saw X-Men 3 last night, and I was wondering, are there actually people that have abilities such as those? If so, how might I go about obtaining those powers or get in contact with people that do have them?

posted on May, 28 2006 @ 08:53 PM
Well, first you'd have to find/meet Professor X...

Seriously, I belive that if somthing can be imagined by the human mind...that somehow, in some sense, it can be actualized in an alternate reality. The inventions and things we have around us today were once just an idea, sparked by the creativity of a lone individual's mind...Same applies to science fiction and comic books.

I don't doubt that there are people with incredible psi powers, but are afraid to use them for fear of ridicule or harrasment. check out the folks over at the forum, they seem to belive they can do all kinds of neat stuff like pass through solid objects.

Then again, delusions run rampant on the 'net...

posted on May, 28 2006 @ 11:05 PM
First of all, I just saw it myself a few hours ago... an amazing movie.

Second, whilst something to that effect might exist, it won't to that degree.

For example, no one can heal wounds as fast as Wolverine or that guy whose arms he kept slicing. Why? It's physically impossible - thats a break in the law of conservation of mass. The two would have to be eating a LOT of food almost constantly in order to keep their cells multiplying. Or the guy that breathed fire - DNA breaks down into its constituent parts at high temperatures - and no amount of mutation would stop that.

Some of the ones that are, technically, possible:

1. Beast; he could really exist. Some people like him - completely covered in hair - already exist. If the genetic switch from a previous lineage of humans got reactivated, enhanced strength and higher sensual acuity would come from it. Chances are, however, that the person would also experience more animal instincts as well, become very violent and agressive, and have a smaller brain.

2. Spiky-guy; no clue what he's actually called, but genetically it could happen. He's not generating spikes (like the one guy - once again a break in matter conservation), he's grown them and holds them down in his pores, and spikes them out at will.

3. Telepathy; Whilst perhaps some would claim that they have spiritual energies and contacts with spirits and whatnot, there is another more scientific way that Telepathy could exist. Humans, and all beings with a nervous system, generate a small electromagnetic field (like a spiralled copper wire). This is a side-effect to the way our bodies work. However, if someone's nerves were sensitive enough to this, they would be able to pick up on the fields of others. People that can do this are people that can "read auras" - your aura being your EM field. Now, the amount of information that could be communicated, and the range of the power, would likely not be terribly far - but it could happen.

Now, how do you go about doing these things or getting these powers? Well, for almost all of them you would need to be born with them. However, the Aura-Reading is something that can be learnt - but, once again, having a genetic predisposition to being able to really boosts the capacity of the ability, since it would be more natural to you, and you could refine your sensitivity even more.

However, things like regeneration, teleportation, phase-movement, skin-to-steel, life-force sucking (well... technically you could be able to act as a capacitor and drain a person of the voltage in their body, but it would have to be massive and kept up for awhile to stop the body from rejenerating it), weather-control, metal-control, and telekinesis, are not really possible.

Mind you, a lot of peoeple believe in Psychokinesis (ie, the Pheonix/Jean-Grey). We don't quite understand everything - but something like the abilities Jean-Grey possessed won't come out overnight. There is no "leap forward" - all those leaps were caused by catastrophe's where every tiny advantage made a world of difference. Until a massive catastrophe occurs again, those kinds of abilities won't be made manifest in any powerful form.


posted on May, 29 2006 @ 12:19 AM
I hope all of you stayed for the very end after the credits went by.
There is more that you DID miss, it seems as though there will be another X-men movie from what happens after the credits.

I would be nice if some of that stuff was real but I don't think ruby glasses could contain red light, green light maybe. Ruby passes red light.

posted on May, 31 2006 @ 12:44 AM
I believe to a certain degree something/someone might have certain powers but maybe they dont necessarily have the body to use them.

posted on Jun, 2 2006 @ 12:13 AM
yeah, there're two brothers who're famose trapeze artists, completely covered in hair, so it's possible

posted on Jun, 2 2006 @ 12:32 AM
Well the closest thing I know of is berserkers, which from personal experience is a very real thing. I forget the exact things but there are things in your body that are a set limit which u are born with and will never have more than. they are responsible for muscle and nerve generation. Also ardrennal glands. I personally from exxperiences feel i have this to a lesser degree, many pro athletes have this at a higher degree. I have always been naturally very muscular and never had an injury until my senior year of football where I sxhould have had my knee completly destroyed ( i got hit with my leg locked out and planted from the side by someone at full speed on turf) i ended up doing some decent damage but nothing that i should of. But thats not my main reason for the beleif. For some reason when im either pushed passed my point of exaustion, or angery, or hit in the head i completly lose it, not like most people I lose almost complete control of my body and my strength goes through the roof. This is ussuallt accompanyed by very hard breathing, feels like my heart is going to burst through my chest, and sometime screaming (this i can control, but it is much more releaving to scream. I am also have a direct paternal line to the vikings that were in scotland (my lasxt name is a sept of the Gunn clan) well thats my personal experience, nothing out of this world but deff abnormal.

posted on Jun, 2 2006 @ 03:26 PM
But what about the psychics, what about the aerokenises, telepathic, and other psi powers.

posted on Jun, 5 2006 @ 06:02 PM
i think that these powers do exist in some form, inside of our minds, we just need to unlock them and then the fun will begin

seriously tho, you would have to be amazingly gifted to unlock parts of our brain, but then u think that maybe... just maybe, it could be the next step in evolution. however there would always be people that use it for evil.. but thats another thread entirely

peace out


posted on Jun, 5 2006 @ 06:35 PM

However, things like regeneration, teleportation, phase-movement, skin-to-steel, life-force sucking (well... technically you could be able to act as a capacitor and drain a person of the voltage in their body, but it would have to be massive and kept up for awhile to stop the body from rejenerating it), weather-control, metal-control, and telekinesis, are not really possible.

Regeneration - Is possible with sufficient bodily upgrades. Superdense feedstock supplying artificial or natural tissue and organ grafts could speed up the healing process by an order of magnitude. We really do not know the final limits of Nanotech/Biotech as of yet, so to say it's impossible is a bit short sighted.

Teleportation - Too early to say. If "Ripping a hole in Spacetime" and stepping through it to another location instantly is considered Teleportation, then I'd say it's remotely possible, in the same realm as Warp Drive and Time Travel though IMHO. Workable on Paper, extremely hard to accomplish in the real world.

Phase-movement - Too early to say. With what Quantum Mechanics has taught us about the fundamentals of matter, it may be possible to accomplish this feat by "probability manipulation," if it's possible that as. Right now it looks like it's impossible, though I'm not willing to throw out the idea just yet.

Skin to Steel - Maybe not Skin to Steel in a literal sense, skin grafts are getting better and better all the time. We may be able to create second skin suits that behave in a similiar manner to Colossus' powers.

Weather Control - I agree, Impossible for a single human being. A dedicated weather modification network is definately possible though it would need immense amounts of power to draw from.

Metal Control - We really don't know how refined our control over magnetic fields will become. I wouldn't rule it out, though it's usefullness would be directly tied to the power source buddy is connected to.
Nobodys gonna lift any bridges anytime soon, unassisted by a Fusion reactor.

Telekenesis - I agree. Though we may be able to produce the illusion of such a power with finely controlled magnetic fields.

Ice and Fire control - I don't see how that is possible...

Telepathy - Maybe not telepathy, but you never know what the Genetists might come up with, but Technopathy. Using technology to equip yourself with the instruments to read moods at a glance, tell if they are being truthful or not etc. See this thread below for a more indepth discussion.

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posted on Jun, 5 2006 @ 08:08 PM
Something akin to Wolverines "Healing factor" may be possible though not likely to the speed he is able to do it. Regeneration like a salamander able to regrow whole limbs could very well be possible in the future. We humans still retain some ablility to regenerate limbs. We can regrow the very tips of our fingers but go past the first segment and we can regenerate anything. If you could figure out how to regorw just that little bit farther there should be nothing stopping you from regrowing whole limbs. With genetic engineering maybe.

I can see some of the superpowers becoming real but thanks to technology rather then any natural process. Super strength for example there was a article on ATS not too long ago that feature new artifical muscles that were fueled by Alchol and 100 times stronger then human muscles. Just imagine a suit made out of that, you could really be talking strength levels were you could throw cars around like toys.

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