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Question about haunted places

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posted on May, 28 2006 @ 01:29 PM
Most of the cases of haunted house are related (rightly or wrongly, I do not know) with the death of someone in that house.

Especially in the movies (I do not remember anyone that has related a case like this) there is usually some death in the place where the house was built or in the house itself.

As I am extremely ignorant in this field I ask:

If the place is haunted, to what height do the haunting goes?

First case - someone dies and becomes a ghost in a piece of land. After some time a building is built on that piece of land. Does the ghost haunt all the building or only the place where the ground use to be?

Second case - the people who were killed in the Twin Towers when the planes hit the buildings. If some of them become a ghost, does the ghost haunts only at the height of the floor where he/she died, or does the ghost haunt all the way to the ground?

If the haunting goes beyond the height of the place of death, then what is the limit? Is there a limit? Can a ghost haunt a highflying plane when it passes over the place where the ghost haunts?

I realised today that I had never thought of this, and I thought that I should ask, because I like to deny ignorance.

PS: I am not a believer or a disbeliever in ghost, I do not have enough information to make a decision yet.

posted on Jun, 11 2006 @ 12:45 AM
i think that it is most probable that the ghost would haunt the area or level it became deceased in. i used to manage a school where on the third floor people reported seeing an elderly gentleman peering into one particular classroom or walking by it. but nothing was ever observed on any of the other three floors. i suppose its possible for someone to observe a ghost in the sky as there plane passes through a space where a previous plane could have exploded. until next time i bid you a good night.

posted on Jun, 11 2006 @ 05:23 AM
Thanks for your answer.

I hope more people can tell their experiences or opinions, this is a new subject to me.

posted on Jun, 11 2006 @ 01:12 PM
It seems that some of them may be capable of appearing in locations with which they have no previous association, although this may require (or be motivated by) a link with a person or object.

Many years ago, I happened to have some very ordinary objects in my home on temporary basis. They belonged to a woman whom I knew very slightly. Two nights after the objects arrived at my home, a 'ghost' appeared in my living room, approx. 10 feet from where I was sitting. The ghost couldn't possibly have known me and I'd never seen him before. He appeared as solid & healthy as a living person. He didn't speak to or acknowledge me, but instead appeared to be staring at something across the room. He appeared confused & thoughtful.

I was fully awake, though tired. I certainly wasn't dreaming because balanced on my knee was a cup of tea and saucer. I'd carried these into the room only a few minutes earlier and was smoking a cigarette. So ... it wasn't a dream.

The following day, by strange coincidence, I was shown a photograph of a stranger. He was identical to the ghost I'd seen. I was informed that the items temporarily in my home, had belonged to the man in the photo --- who (I was told) had died suddenly less than six months earlier, of unknown causes. The ghost I'd seen was the man in the photo. The ghost had been staring in puzzlement at the precise point where the items were placed. In other words, the ghost must have been drawn to my home by his former possessions and unable to work out why they were now in house he did not recognise. Frankly, I don't think he knew he was dead.

It certainly bears thinking about. We buy antique jewellery and other previously-owned objects, yet for all we know, these may be sending off signals to their previous owners and may draw the ghosts of those owners to us.

In fact, in a local newspaper several years ago, there was an article about a young single mother who'd bought an evening gown at a thrift shop (a place which sells inexpensive, previously-owned items). She began suffering deep depression. This negatively affected her personality and relationships. After several weeks, she realised her problems had commenced at approx. the same time she'd purchased the second-hand gown. She returned it to the thrift shop and asked about it's history. Finally, she learned the gown had originally belonged to a young woman who'd worn it to an event and had died that same night. The dead girl's parents had given all her clothes to the thrift shop. The single mother was reportedly so disturbed by what had happened, she submitted the story to the newspaper. Or so the story claimed. It was a fairly sober type of newspaper: the story wasn't the type it usually printed.

Possibly not all ghosts attach to objects though, but instead attach to specific locations. I once worked in a place where the ghost of a frightened elderly man hovered a foot or so above the floor, behind one particular door which was usually left ajar. Whenever I moved the door I silently apologised, because the poor old ghost always wore the same pathetic & terrified expression. When I asked about the building's history, the elderly owner said it had been a notorious, illegal gambling den in the 1920s & 1930s and fell into poor condition until the owner renovated it in the mid 1960s. The owner said that during his repairs, he'd had to plaster over three bullet holes in the ceiling and walls in the same room in which I saw the ghost. The ghost must have died there (maybe from fright) while hiding behind the door. The building was gutted a few years ago in order to build modern apartments & only the facade was retained because it was heritage listed. It's to be suspected the ghost will remain stuck in the same location, somewhere within one of the new apartments. Possibly some of the occupants will sense the ghost; others may see him and others could be totally unaware of his presence.

posted on Jun, 11 2006 @ 04:00 PM
I forgot the possibility of the attachment to objects instead of locations.

Could that attachment be a variation of the attachment to locations?

Anyone has any explanation/idea/theory for the reason for this attachment to inanimated objects?

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