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(DD) - Going Home

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posted on May, 28 2006 @ 07:20 AM
Dear Diary -

This will be my final entry Diary. My time here has come to an end; the bars that have held me a prisoner for so long are no more. We have been together a long time Diary; do you think she will accept me back? She was so young when I came to this hell, will she know who I am? Did she get my letters? Diary so many questions have been left unanswered, Am I strong enough to get through this? I am so scared. Another ten years in this hell would be easier than having to face my baby and explain. Where was daddy on my birthday? Where were you daddy?

Am I strong enough to face this?

Diary I do not think I am capable. I have told you my secrets since coming here; will you pass them on to my baby? I am sorry for all of this, I am sorry for not coming home. So much time has passed; these bars that have held me for so long have become my crutches. Without these bars this old man is going to crumble.

Diary you are more important now than ever, you need to show my baby how I loved her. She is so young, she does not understand. You are the only connection between my baby and I. It is up to you to leave a lasting memory in my babies mind. I want, no, need her to smile when she thinks of me, even if it is only once.

I have to go now Diary, please do not fail.


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