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The Practical Puzzle - Many Questions

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posted on May, 28 2006 @ 05:52 AM
If there is another forum for this topic, could someone please let me know?

Intellectuals want facts. I know for certain that I'm a Cynic. This is a fact. Start with the definition of Cynic and then match the attributes to my character and beliefs.

Wikipedia - Cynicism

A modern cynic typically has a highly contemptuous attitude towards social norms, especially those which serve more of a ritualistic purpose than a practical one, and will tend to dismiss a substantial proportion of popular beliefs, conventional morality and accepted wisdom as irrelevant or obsolete nonsense. Many cynics do not like the way the world really is, however, and wish it could be changed. They want to see the world for how it is (or how they perceive it to really be) rather than delude themselves.

Perhaps it was Terrentius who first said, "I am a man, nothing human is alien to me." I do not delude myself. When I say "we" I mean other humans like me, and when I say "you" I mean problems that humankind has in general but I don't have in particular, like RELIGION and POLITICS. If I say "they" I might be referring to aliens but most likely fundamentalists.

Men like Jesus (if he existed, of which there is zero evidence), DaVinci, Newton, and Einstein were Human. Their knowledge originated within them. If you claim that aliens helped them (or that they were aliens), then who helped the most ancient aliens' version of "Einstein" perhaps billions of years ago?

I am more than skeptical about the ever popular Grey aliens and UFO's, but I am also certain that aliens exist. I have seen coincidences that suggest other people have similar insights into this as well. If I talk about what I know I think others might make the connection. This knowledge is not a message and should not be pursued as such.

The puzzle that I and others like me have is where this knowledge comes from. It is tempting to think we are alien because we don't fit into the Culture very well. Better to know the truth. The Culture is the real problem. Ritualistic ignorance is a disease. You can infect others and you can die from it and cause others to die. Just ask Mohammad Atta al-Sayed or better yet Nancy Grace (had plastic surgery to cover her illness).

I am enlightened. There is nothing particularly special about that. Enlightenment is a process that takes a lot of time and especially tolerance. I was not born enlightened with the knowledge I now possess. I have in my life been led down the dark path, or the garden path, and as a result have learned how to be skeptical.

I used to be a "born again" Christian and I enjoyed the experience of community. I used to listen to Rush Limbaugh because he seemed like a breath of fresh air. But for years now I've known that Conservatism bubbles and churns with the same kind of energy that bacteria find in a rotting corpse. The experience of going through the Church and "out the backend" is essential to understanding it. How is it that I got out but most do not? There IS Something Special.

There are essentially two forms of HUMAN that are perhaps not distinguishable on a genetic level. For the purposes of my own dialogue I've taken to referring to the unenlightened as BARBARIANS, but don't use a term for people who do not follow an agenda that includes the destruction of civilization, whether they are aware of it or not. Bonesmen coincidentally use the term as well, and call themselves "knights".

It is that part of Humanity that is not ready that concerns us. The fundamental problem is time. No one has enough time to learn the essentials. Everyone works too hard and punishes themselves for not working harder. People feel they are not smart enough and make it an excuse not to try at all.

Then there are many conspiracies that are easy and attractive to latch onto. They are all dark, all of them. Conspiracy theories do not help Humanity to achieve anything.

Columbus, The Dove


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