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I need some help figuring this out

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posted on May, 27 2006 @ 09:06 PM
About 11 years ago I started seeing (actually seeing - eyes open) auras around people. Not just one or two people...all people.

Now I've looked into the whole aura thing...I see NO colours. Not a one.

What I see is ranges from filmy white to bright white around people. Where there are injuries (old/new) I see different thicknesses and often when an injury is severe and great pain is being felt by the person I see a shard in the spot of the pain's origin.

I also see "baggage"...I don't know how else to describe it. It has an oozing quality and tends to pool/collect around a persons lower extremeties. I have seen (as in the case of my brother who has a severe mental illness) some pretty disgusting oozing around the neck and lower lumbar region (why I do not know).

I don't like it. It interferes with my life. I posted this feeling once before and someone implied I see because I'm supposed to.

It's a constant thing. I can sort of ignore it if I don't spend much time talking to a person or looking at people in general.

It actually makes me nauseous.

My vision is near 20/20. No headaches. No schizoprenia or delusions (I am agoraphobic is about all - and that started to be a real problem about ten years ago).

I am the one who goes into the doctor and tells the doctor what is wrong. She ignored me in the beginning but as I am ALWAYS correct she now pays close attention. I also know when friends and family are suffering long before they do.

Personally, what I see creeps me out, grosses me out (some people have REALLY pervasive energy!!). Whe I'm out I feel literally bombarded.

I have approached strangers, asked a few nonchalant questions and then informed them gently what I sense. I rarely tell them I "see" anything as that is REALLY creepy. People are able to comprehend feelings better I find.

It shows no signs of going away. I can't hide in my house for the rest of my life. I adore people and I miss alot of the interaction. How do I stop this? If not stop it, how do I learn to turn it off or temporarily ignore it?

What is it? I know nothing about chakras, and very little about the whole aura thing. I have basically been ignoring this hoping it would go away.

By this point I am confident I'm not completely insane. Definitely flaky but pretty much in control of all my faculties.

I'll darw a picture of what it looks like later, but I'd really appreciate some help.

I don't really buy into the "you have a purpose" theory, and honestly I don't care to. In all honesty, I'd like it stop.

There are a couple of theories I have about this affliction (yes affliction). I'm an arc magnet (I attract electricity and have been zapped 7 times now). I think, I suffer from abduction type syndrome (or sleep paralysis I'm on the fence) and the last time I had weirdness while sleeping was over 10 years ago.

I try to keep the weirdness seperate from each other otherwise I start to feel like a real freak. LOL. I realize they may all be correlated to one another but I can't bring myself to that conclusion just yet.

So, anyone with a majic pill? Or even just some info as to what it might be so that I can start reading.

I did look at one site and white is a certain chakra apparently and I can't recall which one...don't most people see them all together? What about colour? Why is what I see always relative to pain/injury/suffering (like I don't have better things to worry about!).

Now plz don't get on here and lecture me about using it...I doubt I could if I can't even control it and don't even know what it is and to top it off I hate it (resent it abhor it...).

Just the facts M'am.

posted on May, 27 2006 @ 09:55 PM
I have no idea what you are experiencing and I certainly have no suggestions that would help. I am curious though.

Can you see these things in photos, or do you need to see the actual human?

Are you on any form of medication at the moment?

How old were you when this started?

posted on May, 27 2006 @ 10:01 PM
I second the question of how old you were exactly when this occured first.

May I suggest you try some meditation exercises to try and see if you can make yourself "condense" this skill into something that you can turn on/off? I know that sounds very new-ageish, and that can definitely be a turn off to you based off of what you're dealing with.

I can say this, against most people that say they see colors of auras, I see no colors at all, it's almost like whispy smoke, but once I see it, it doesn't go away if I shut my eyes and open them. Of course for me, it's also very difficult, and it may just be mind over matter with the amount of concentration I give to the subject.

I hope that you are able to pull these abilities into control, for your own benefit.

I have a feeling that your agoraphobia came from the fact that you didn't want to see these auras around every individual you have encountered in life.

Best wishes!

posted on May, 27 2006 @ 11:30 PM
but what do you see when you look at yourself?


posted on May, 27 2006 @ 11:39 PM
I can see auras too, but only if I try to. I can understand how it would suck if you saw them all the time. I don't see colors either.
I think I would try to relax, meditate, and see if you can get a hold on it, maybe you could shut it off if you use it actively.
Might as well help people as long as you can.

posted on May, 28 2006 @ 12:07 AM
I understand what your talking about. I don't see what they call auras, but there is a clear several inches of ??? around people that I see as well. I also see it around large groupings of trees, like looking out at a forest.

I don't see the rest of what your reffering to, but I feel as if I know where problems are. Also, people who are negative, 'bad' - the cold hearted don't seem to have this ??? I see around others.

I don't understand it iether, but I've learned that the brighter that clear ??? is, and the farther reaching it is - the better the heart of the person (more caring etc).

posted on May, 28 2006 @ 02:44 AM
I was about 27 when it started. No childhood trauma. No recreational drugs in well over 20 years. No medication save for Paxil prescribed in very low dose to ward of depression (from my anxiety/agoraphobia - gee how can someone trapped in their house be depressed?). Well past the age of onset for the classic mental illnesses and delusional disorders. I don't have hallucinations, and for the record mental illness was my second thought but as my therapist and I went through everything I tested what I saw on her and was bang on. (she was healthy by the way but had an old injury I saw very clearly) she wasn't a believer but didn't factor it in to my treatment as it didn't fit with ANY scales or prerequisites for any known mental illness.

Prior to this beginning I thought all "you" people were a bunch of drug-whacked-hippies and tree huggers and doomsayers...the ultimate flakes of society LMAO. I wouldn't have been caught dead on a flaky site like ATS hee hee.

BTW I'm 37 - female. My only vise is cigarettes (which do cause cancer but NOT the seeing of auras as far as I know)

Kharma huh? Has a sense of Ha Ha.

The very first thing I did was get my eyes tested - completely. This year I had a retinal scan done and my eyes are nearly 20/20 with not a single anomalous occurance.

According to my therapist I am completely sane - suffering from anxiety and symptomatic agoraphobia with dysthemia.

So the head is okay the eyes are okay, emotionally I have been better but I manage fairly well. As I said, no drink, drugs or mood altering poppers other than my 5mg paxil (as low as you can go).

Pictures? Ummm never tried and honestly don't care to not to sound snooty or difficult - I just don't see it as something to mess around with and play with. Now if someone wanted to do a scientific study of it in person - measure it. locate the source and freaking zap it gone - I'd try it in a second. Playing around with it by looking at photos is just crap. If I wanted to use it I might consider it, but really the only people I care to "use" it with is those I adore. Still, I'd rather not have it at all and just be my normal self again. I used to be a real people person which kills me now...taking the bus and seeing it and feeling it is just obcene!! Like being in a crowded space with people with terrible body odour - I spend the time looking out the window only or at the roof and it's really sad.

I do see my own, but it's not nearly as obtrusive as others. My daughter's is the same way and the same with my cats and guinea pig and family friends...seems the more familiar I am with the person the less invasive the aura is - needless to say I have a very very small group of friends. They all know about it and trust me when I tell them it's time to go to a doc or change diet or get more rest.

My closest friend recently had been extremely ill. I forced her to the doctor, told them what to look for and told them I suspected Community Aquired Staph. They humoured me and took a culture. Last week it was confirmed as exactly what I said it was. I've never been anywhere near as specific as I was this time...I don't know why? Usually it's a ballpark hit. Like an old broken bone, a muscle spasm could be a tendon pull - I can't tell usually...I just see the area around it with a heavier aura or a shard if it's severe.

My cat has been ill with (as I told the vet and he confirmed but added that it was not just an infection but cysts) bladder infection - I already had the proper antibiotic with me. I just wanted to double check before giving her any meds. And how can I see her damn bladder??? I saw a large swelling aura around her butt area and my first thought was bladder infection. Lucky guess I figured.

Relaxation?? been there...honestly I'd have to be HEAVILY medicated to sit still and relax. Even in dreams I am active (not physically but mentally) and everything is busy and in full colour...I'm a chronic putterer and although I routinely attempt my relaxation excersizes I simply cannot shut my brain off long enough (Oh yeah I have OCD - but who the heck now adays doesn't???)

Is there a name for tis thing? other than "off your rocker". HA!

Why no colours - why just this one layer of whatever?

Is it a neurological thing? Optical? Both?

I'll check out some alternate meditation excersizes and see if theres one I can try that doesn't require me to be 100% still and focused LOL...

I'm really frustrated. Sometimes I wish it was a mental issue that could be treated with meds... oh and my family doc knows too - she doesn't rule out anything...she says "You just never know...the brain is complex..." plus my "record" is 100%.


posted on May, 28 2006 @ 03:19 AM
Aura Borealis

Migraine sufferers can see effects similar in some ways to what you are describing: auras around things.

However, migraines would not explain the correlations you are giving that seem to more closely match classic descriptions of "psychic" auras.

While I tend to be something of a mystic myself, and am personally familiar with some of the kinds of visualizations you have described (on a more voluntary basis), I am also a skeptic and recommend looking for "mundane" explanations before moving on to the "paranormal".

You have already done this extensively, but it never hurts to cover all the bases. I definitely recommend checking for the possibility that you suffer from some sort of migraine symptoms.

Aside from migraines, this could be a side effect of the Paxil. Though I don't see it listed as a common side effect, it could be an uncommon side effect. You never know.

I think it's best to consider all possibilities, and seeing if there are ways you can isolate what's going on. If you are always seeing auras involuntarily, I'm not sure that really means a "paranormal gift".

But it could.

For what it's worth, I also suffer from agoraphobia (and a whole laundry list of anxieties), so I know that pain. I know it's hard to get past it (and note that I used the present tense here) but it is possible to cope with it, as with all phobias and anxieties.

However, as with all phobias and anxieties, it's never easy, as I'm sure you know.

Whatever may be behind all this, please know that I wish you the best.

P.S. As for "drug-whacked-hippies and tree huggers and doomsayers", yes, we have those, but it takes all kinds to make a conspiracy community.

posted on May, 28 2006 @ 03:46 AM
according to my therapist we are some of the kindest folks - consolation prize I guess, but a nice one I suppose. I have gone over my symptoms with both my shrink and my family doc - it doesn't fit into any mental illness category - most have multiple prerequisites before a classification is given (and yes I did express my alien abduction concern LOL and it was described as sleep paralysis which, for lack of other facts, I can buy the theory quite happily -although I do still look around at the whole alien UFO thing with facination.) Even that doesn't get me a looney award.

The paxil is 5 mg once per day and is the absolute lowest dosage I can get. I'm working on the agoraphobai and so long as I don't focus on anyone for too long I can sort of ignore the auras. I do leave the house much more often, but I really want to get back into life in a big way - you know how that is

I've never in all my life had a migrainne. Even last week when I burst two blood vessels in my eye trying to relax LMAO (yes trying to relax!!) - all I got was a small eye ball headache and it didn't last very long.

I can't think of anything else to check? Short of getting a CT scan...but without a reason I'd have to pay for it and it's way more than I can manage.

I know some people would think it's cool or useful but, really there's nothing I can do with it? What am I gonna do...go around diagnosing folks? We have doctors for a very good reason and anything paranormal or flaky is just a bonus.

I even asked if allergies could cause neurological/optical problems - my doctor gave me "the look" and told me to try to relax and focus on it and see what I felt about it.

I did and what I feel is that I want it to go away.

I am a great skeptic of nearly all things. But those things don't really affect me or can rationally explained away. I suppose this bothers me so much because it hasn't got an explanation. No category, no physical signs, no outward indicators...just my standing record which is stupidly like 100%.

I wish someone lived in Van BC who could test it, find it and stop it! I'd pay an arm and a leg.

posted on May, 28 2006 @ 09:19 AM

Pictures? Ummm never tried and honestly don't care to not to sound snooty or difficult - I just don't see it as something to mess around with and play with. Now if someone wanted to do a scientific study of it in person - measure it. locate the source and freaking zap it gone - I'd try it in a second. Playing around with it by looking at photos is just crap. If I wanted to use it I might consider it, but really the only people I care to "use" it with is those I adore. Still, I'd rather not have it at all and just be my normal self again. I used to be a real people person which kills me now...taking the bus and seeing it and feeling it is just obcene!! Like being in a crowded space with people with terrible body odour - I spend the time looking out the window only or at the roof and it's really sad.

Are you telling me you've never seen a picture or photograph of anything in your entire life?

posted on May, 28 2006 @ 10:51 AM
I thought you were asking if I'd try to see it in I have a million pictures and have never noticed an aura around anyone (thankfully!!!)

Sorry I misunderstood the question you posed.

No photo auras - only in real-time contact with people.

Although I do get a sense about some people I see in the news - it's totally a different animal and I chalk that up to intuition or personal bias LOL.

FTR I don't really want to see auras in photos - that was why my response was snippy. I'm a little sensitive where this is concerned...and object to expanding, using, or otherwise improving upon the affliction - I either want it gone or to be able to control it so I can feel less of a flake and enjoy people without having the visuals of their troubles.

posted on May, 28 2006 @ 11:26 AM
justgeneric, i have a few of the symptoms you are talking about so i have an idea what youre going through. i think as a kid this sort of thing happened to me but i cant remember anymore since ive lost the ability.

however, i am able to see auras on some people and myself as well sometimes. i want you to try something. lie down on your bed with the lights almost off (a little bit coming from under the door maybe). make sure you can barely see anything. now put both of your arms out in front of you and try to get them as close as possible. stare at the ceiling and you will eventually start to lose focus of your vision. you may go cross-eyed but this is fine its only temporary. you will start to see colors coming off of your arms. this should take a few minutes at the most maximum of ten but i think more like 3-5. just let it all happen dont get scared if you start to see all kinds of colors, usually the more the better because it will show a depth in personality. you want to be well-rounded and to have the full spectrum of colors as long as they're not too overbearing is probably a good thing. then tell us what you see...

i hope i could be of some help
biggie smalls

posted on May, 28 2006 @ 11:34 AM
where about do you live justgeneric? This sounds pretty amazing, I want you to look at my aura and tell me what you see....

posted on May, 28 2006 @ 07:25 PM
If you're a neurologist or have access to one...I'll play along LOL. Otherwise, I'm not guinea pigging for anyone. Not on this...

Although I understand the want of proof. I demand it and request it too of those making claims to certain talents or abilities, and it it totally fair.

Also in fairness, I am allowed to request that any testing done of this be scientifically carried out under controlled methods.

I say again, if there's a neurologist or brain surgeon out there who wants to set up some controlled testing, to measure, graph and verify this as well as chart it and localize it and perhaps helpme deal with it...I'm yer guinea pig.

posted on May, 28 2006 @ 07:59 PM
You seem just a little high maintenance.

You've got a gift. Don't care enough about people to use it. Then don't. That's your decision.

The world is full of people that could use your help... But that's OK.

Basically, stop your whining.

You don't want to see the auras. It's really the simplest thing...

Use your brain. Take control/and responsibility for yourself/thinking and stop 'seeing' the auras.

If you're not willing/able to JUST DO IT, you can take a structured, step by step approach...

You can start by just closing your eyes. That will get you thru the first phase.

If you're serious, you can administer some type of self-inflicted pain aversion. Get a thumb tack or whatever and poke yourself. It will divert your attention and subconciously will start to shut it down thru association. Primitive, I know... It just works.

I'll say it again... You can cut thru all of that BS part, by just simple mental focus. It's really THAT simple.

Third way...

Stop looking at people directly. Your eyes don't touch upon them, you can't possibly see their auras. Control your visual focus.

There are LOTS of people who for whatever what reason, don't like to look directly at people/their faces/into their eyes... Whatever. Join their ranks.

Now that we are thru the pretend part... of you not wanting to see folks auras. Let's talk about what's really bothering you...


posted on May, 28 2006 @ 08:57 PM
Well said. I love tough love. LOL.

It;s not that I don't care about people. I think often I care too much about them and thus if you look into a bit of history on agoraphobia and anxiety disorders...I take far too much to heart with others.

I am also quite suseptible to other's issues. Also part of a phobic response...concentrate on others and that's less time to concentrate on me.

You are right in that I need to stop whining and either A) find a way to fit it into my life B) find a way to ignore it so I can function.

What my original post asked for, and what I'm still hoping for however is some help in figuring it out.

I've already said all of the things you said to myself...many times. It's good to be reminded.

Sure it may be a gift...but not unless I can learn to use it and learn to control it. Otherwise it is useless and pervasive.

I adore people and I can't describe the level of isolation I feel when out of my house. I need to see people, talk to them and to look them in the eyes...

I obviously can't go back to how I used to be. So I'm trying to go forward. All I can do is try to learn and understand and you've heard the saying "the sqeaky wheel gets the grease." well I'm squeaking here!!!

I suffer with it and I'm allowed to complain about it. Hopefully someone can sift through some of my posts and offer some good links to reading material on similar or identicle issues. More people have responded with similar "talents" and I find that hopeful.

It's all about learning, and one can't do that without discussion and help.

Like the title of my post: I need some help figuring this out.

Thanks for the reminder on whining though

Forward motion.

posted on May, 28 2006 @ 10:29 PM
You sound good.

In fact, I would say great.

I'm hearing some echos from some quality advice coming from your friends (and counselors

You sound quite creative and are looking at this thing from the correct context. You are standing outside looking into this thing... in the box.

Just as importantly, you are now doing the driving.

You've done the hardest part... The only question is where do you want to go... What do you want to do now?

And make NO MISTAKE about this... When this happens, it's you that is going to do it.

You are at the crossroads. So, let's get down to specifics. I apologize in advance for being direct. If it's a problem, just let me know.

Let me show you how easy it is to get a handle on this entire problem...

Break into small easy to do steps. Compartmentalize it.

Right off the bat, forget about this gift... at least for a while. It is what it is and these things have a life of their own and you're just buying yourself time so as to attend to the basics and get you rolling.

Let's focus with reconnecting you to the outside world... Let's get you out of your glass cage... get you mobile.

Are you at all functional? Can you go out in public without imploding (

If not... Do you have a good friend/best friend, you can take advantage of... as a temporary acclimatization buffer/safety?

Whining... What whining? It's only 'whining' if you run in circles... We're moving foward.

posted on May, 28 2006 @ 10:48 PM
One can never have too many coaches!

I am mobile. I can even go to the mall unaccompanied every now and again (which for me is huge and at NO point in my life have I ever done it - not even in healthy years!)

I can make small talk with folks as long as I have other distractions otherwise the aura thing invades and my anxiety increases.

I no longer suffer the paralytic bouts in public and I haven't had to leave a line up or a store for over a week.

I practice my cognative therapy daily. I try to relax.

I always keep in mind that death for me comes not from being in public, but that fateful day I get shmucked by a large vehicle. (sort of a joke)

The depression is daily. The fears of the what may be's and what may happens are what freeze me. It's a control issue that also I cognatively try to sort through.

I suppose it's good to deal with these things seperately, although in the larger picture I'm realizing they bleed together terribly.

No implosions until I'm returning home from being out. It's a relief thing and I typically can hold back the tears until I get home, but a few times I start tearing up on the bus or in the car.

My friend's are so true blue it's not even funny! I no longer require a hand-holder as often as I did in the past five years. She also understands the aura thing as being a weirdness I can't deal with...but she like others thinks it serves a purpose and likes to try to "game" me into RXing her or her family LOL. Friends have that luxury I guess.

In short I can sum up my main phobia - I feel so "noticable" when I'm out. I pray to be invisible sometimes LOL.

I am terrified of germs - however I have made great strides with this and have kicked the habit of bleaching everything in site including my hands. *no I'm not insane*

So, what I wanted to do was make a photo journal of my daily mundane life.
Take pictures of where I've been in an average day and account for the feelings I had.

I'm a very visual person and I have relaxation issues and my brain endlessly churns, so I do find that my cognative work sheets piss me off.

If I had a picture to correspond with my anxiety or confidence at any point I could perhaps visually learn faster and better ways to cope.

What do you think about that?

Perhaps a new thread topic as well or I can add a seperate blog to my current one?

I've been wanting to do this for a while, but you know how motivation works - it requires action first not thought.

posted on May, 28 2006 @ 11:22 PM
JustGeneric, I can tell you what's going on. It's something that's scientifically proven too.

However, it doesn't have to do with "the soul" or any wierd science or mysticism.

What you have is a sensitivity to the electromagnetic field that is produced by a living creature's body. For almost any creature that has a central nervous system, you should be able to see an aura for it.

What is this EM Field that I talk about?

Well, it's simply the force of magnetism. Whenever there's a current, there's an EM field. If you take some copper, and roll it into a spiral spring, and put a current through it, you end up making an electro-magnet, because you are aligning the magnetic field created by the wire.

Now, this doesn't have to be done with copper. It's for anything with a current - such as the current that keeps your neurons sending signals to the rest of your body.

Human naturally create this EM Field.

Electric Eels have such powerful ones that they use it as a weapon! The electricity from their nerves being easily carried through the salt water. Try looking at an electric eel in person - you might see something pretty amazing then.

Anyways, the reason that you can see injuries is because the nerves around the injured location are damaged. As such, the EM Field is a little "off" there.

Why is it you see it? Well, because your brain isn't wired to be able to process all the information your nerves are picking up (think of it like a wireless internet connection), so it tries to put it into the information that's most similar to it, which is visually. There is no center in the brain designed to process this information... yet (and likely not for another five hundred thousand years).

But it's real.

Now, if you train yourself, you'll be able to build a neural network on what these sights mean. You'll be able to tell that an "oozing" from one place means something, and an oozing from some place else means another.

How real is this? It's as real as people that can see slightly into the infra-red or the ultra-violet. For example, I can see slightly more into the infra-red than some people. Not by any meaningful amount, but just slightly so that I can see in a perfectly dark room some shapes. However, since my brain isn't designed to handle that kind of information, it ends up looking like an "off-black" colour with a slightly redish tint.

You're seeing something similar to this. Your nerves are picking up on the nerve-impulses of others.

I'd imagine that if this were the case, then you'd see the main differences as following:

1. The Head. Tons of neurons, something about peoples faces and heads will seem different than elsewhere on their body. The closer to a person you get, the more this should become apparent.

2. The Heart. There's a little organ that functions as a kind of ticker by the heart, it might be visible.

3. Hands. There's a lot of neurons to process all the information that hands have to work with.

4. Legs. There's a lot fewer, comparatively, neurons around your legs than anywhere else on your body. Theoretically there should be something different about those sections.

Anyways, I think you're living with this. It's a genetic trait, although whether it breeds true or not is a mystery (or perhaps it's so random or complex that we can't tell when someone will get it), but training it should allow to be able to use this extra sense to find out a lot of things.

posted on May, 28 2006 @ 11:33 PM
You said it was a proven science though??? I've tried to find info of a scientic nature and all I get is metaphysical sites - some of which are interesting.

Now what you said about the brain trying to "fit" things in...I said the same thing in another post in regards to remote viewing. I've always thought the same applied to spooks and spirits...that would be why so many people offer up a wispy description with odd form...

The head area of most people seems to be very bright but oddly doesn't show much by way of injury or seems to collect lower down on them. Of course there are people with nice auras...meaning nothing anomalous or icky as I see it.

Now I can really sink my teeth into what you said about creating sort of neuro's actually how they describe the effects of cognative therapy. You relearn/rewire responses and thus alter the firings into the hypothalamus and other emotional centres of the brain.

Hands and lower extremeties seem to carry the baggage LOL...that's what I call the oozing stuff.

makes perfect sense that an injury would emit a stronger is fact that an injury emits more heat...

Okay now I can go back through all of my cognative therapy sheets and books and see if I can mickey mouse something to practice.

Hey if I can rewire myself not to hyperventilate in a bank line up or run out of a mall in tears...I suppose I can figure this out too

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