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X-MEN 3 reviews. Spoilers.

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posted on May, 27 2006 @ 10:32 AM
I didn't want to put spoilers in the other thread.. but I have to get this out.

On reflection:

Cyclops.. they turned him into a flake [for obvious reasons].. "He's a different man now." I'm guessing it was a contract thing [allowing for more Halle time].

The part where the bad guys are ordered to guared the house and not let Wolverine and Storm in.. yet the bad guy picks him up and throws him through the front window. :bash: That made alot of sense..

Where X defends his behaviour to Wolverine and sounds like a bumbling idiot.. again.. probably to make him morally expendable.
Where X has a go at wolverine for waking up Phoenix.. even though she woke herself up.

The really bad al-cheapo cost cutting rubber bits stuck to Mistiques face, and the scence which had her morphing for absolutely no reason. Magnetos uncharactoristic [in the context of the other films] betrayal, he would have at least covered her up.

The ice-man stand off at the end.. very original.. not reminisent of Star Wars at all.

Halle Berry's failed acting attempt to create 'tension' and chemistry between storm and Wolverine [contract thing- they should not have caved to her demands].

The pre-battle near group hug moment.
[at least they didn't hi-5]

The flying guy who had no real impact on the plot yet had an opening scene dedicated to creating his charactor.

The bad editing.. there seemed to be not only scenes missing but scenes cut in half. Other scenes seemed rushed while others seemed detailed. There wasn't enough continuity to allow the viewer to get drawn in.

I'm sure I'll buy the dvd though.. :shk:

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posted on May, 27 2006 @ 11:57 AM
Please use the existing thread.



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