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5 ton coke bust- planes owners- Tom Delays appointee, and CIA?

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posted on May, 6 2006 @ 08:35 PM
Great stuff, Regenmacher and desert. I've been going through those links this afternoon and they've got some really helpful information to fill in missing information in a few areas.

I have nothing more to say at the moment, just wanted to thank you all for continuing to find great information.

posted on May, 6 2006 @ 10:16 PM
This page on the FAA site says they received the de-registration papers from Royal Sons on April 11, the day it was captured. That means they were sent before. So Royal Sons did sell it before it got caught. That doesn't make them innocent, though. Who buys a plane and takes it on a drug smuggling mission on its first flight?

Perhaps they're beginning to pass off the smuggling planes to Venezuelan ownership to make them more obscure - and to be able to blame it on Venezuela when they get caught.

posted on May, 7 2006 @ 02:14 AM
LoganCale, here is another site, very long with repetition of some info here but some new info, among which explains "dupont" haha connection

LazarusTheLong brought up earlier, need for someplace to put millions, this site Jeb in Venezuela

Here's one by General Peter Pace southern command, interesting as we see him now next to Rumsfeld

posted on May, 7 2006 @ 12:57 PM
If the plane was not sold as stated it was, there's a coverup. If it was sold, to a Venezula owner, then why? Is this the next step in CIA outsourcing, or was it as was stated in a prior post as selling an assest in bankruptcy? (The privatization beyond SkyWays explains why for years I wondered what connection a local airport business had with the CIA--they were merely a holder for a CIA -intended plane.) The broker was on the west coast, the waiting Mexican Falcon plane was on a west coast path for drug smuggling (fly drugs to trucks that then carry it to west coast). Was this a simple case of the DC-9 having hydraulic trouble and a smuggle gone badly, or was this to embarrass either Venezuela or Mexico or both? (Regenmacher notes Mexican politics.)
A truth in all this is the fact that the CIA has allowed its assets to be used to smuggle drugs. The citizens of Ohio were warned
bottom paragraph about the CIA-drug connection in their midst. Ohio as the new Miami--makes one want to laugh or barf.
This particular story could very well be a story of personal greed, but it's a thread in a fabric of government-level drug running.

For those too young to remember the 1980's, US drug enforcement conveniently constricted the Carribean supply routes, forcing drug-gun routes through Central America benefitting Contras and US. Columbia now uses Venezuela as a shipping point, with transit then thru Mexico as cost effective.

[edit on 7-5-2006 by desert]

posted on May, 7 2006 @ 09:01 PM
Evergreen sounds about right, Desert. I've seen their cargo planes on oversea bases too. Thing is, a lot of govt cargo is legitimate, supplies being delivered, passengers even. One flight from Gtmo went to Jamaica every week and always brought back Red Stripe beer.

The middle link in your previous post, Skolnicksreport is amazing, if true. So, Jeb Bush worked on Bankers St. in Caracus in the 70's, eh? For Poppy's bank, no less. No wonder this cabal wants to make trouble for Chavez. They once had control of the money bags there. But do theystill?

Wiki give the skinny on JEB in Venezuala too:

In November 1977 he was sent to the Venezuelan capital of Caracas, in South America, to open a new operation for the bank. Bush moved his family to the foreign city and spent about two years there, working in international finance. In so doing, he earned his way into the executive program at the bank.

Bush attracted a lot of new business to the bank as a result of his effective networking in Venezuela while maintaining credit quality in an emerging market.


Ohio does have the dubious distinction of allegedly committing election fraud and the politicians there are pretty much ripe for the pickings. I'd like to hear from Dennis Kucinich on some of these charges, the one Rep. there that I would trust and even voted for him in the 2004 primaries (even when I knew it was hopeless--wth).

posted on May, 7 2006 @ 11:07 PM
I was working on my timeline for Brent Kovar and I went to check some information on the porn site that was formerly a SkyWay site. (Not THAT kind of information.) To my great surprise, it had been replaced with a brand new website announcing that SkyWay Communications is coming out of bankruptsy!

As it is no longer a porn site, I'll post the link. (If they change it back to being a porn site, it's not my fault.)

SkyWay Communications Holding Corp. (SWYCQ.PK) Bankruptcy Buy-Out in hands of Trustee

Tampa, Florida -- The deal will allow National Cooperative Tower Network to acquire a majority stake in the air to ground tower company and enable SkyWay to emerge from bankruptcy. Under the proposal, John Karlsson will become the Chief Executive Officer and replace SkyWay's CEO, Jim Kent. The reorganization plan is approved by the majority of the 6,000 shareholders and largest creditors. The parties plan to file their agreement with the bankruptcy court.

It then has a "more" link that goes to but that page remains un-updated. There is also a link to a PDF with the reorganization plan, interestingly dated November 2006. This leads me to believe they are currently reorganizing the scam and don't intend for the site to be viewed by the public at the moment. A quick search for John Karlsson, the person listed as the new CEO, returned this. I'm not sure exactly what it means, but it shows SkyWay and Karlsson go back as least as far as 2004.

The Reorganization Plan PDF contains some previously unseen pictures of an executive jet and HUMMER with the SkyWay seal on them, supposed office buildings (including a site they claim to be now leasing in Texas) and, more interestingly, they include in the document that they still own N120NE. It's not as interesting as if they had stated they still owned N900SA, but it's interesting even so. Don't they realize that Royal Sons got full ownership when they went out of business and that Royal Sons is now selling it through United Flite?

The page is Copyright 2006 National Cooperative Tower Network, which is the company supposedly buying a majority stake in SkyWay to bring it back from the dead. A quick google search for "National Cooperative Tower Network" (include quotes) returns zero results. Yet their About page contains this.

National Cooperative Tower Network is in the forefront of the wireless and telecommunications industry starting in 1982. Our innovative approach to BTS (Build To Site) locations, reporting, zoning and overall project management has enabled us to take a leading role in wireless technology implementation.


NCTN is a knowledgeable and trusted resource. We work with every major U.S. carrier and we are one of the largest tower owners and premier marketing / licensing company in the U.S. We help you get your site data and tower photos into our system.

Wouldn't a company started in 1982 and working with major US telecommunications companies have at least a few mentions on Google?

My conclusion is that they are, rather stupidly, starting the entire scam again under the exact same name.

I guess the porn business didn't suit Mr. Kovar.

posted on May, 7 2006 @ 11:22 PM
Hey, I can't find Red Stripe where I live. I need connections!

Psyopswatcher, here is a link for an opinion on Kucinich. I'm glad you voted for him. I believe he is a good man and honest, unlike other elected officials.

If you look up, for example Evergreen, you find a legitimate business, which carries freight, etc. as you pointed out. I see these "businesses" as the front of the puppet theatre stage with someone else behind stage.

Since 1980 Americans have been so concerned with saving their soul, they are losing this country. When government colludes with religion, telling citizens to close their eyes and fold their hands to pray, our eyes are closed so we don't see their corruption and our hands are folded so we don't strike back.

Whoohoo, LoganCale, what a find! and "EXTENDED RANGE FUEL TANKS
HUSH KITS", indeed! Could this plane have flown with electronics to keep track of the other one smuggling drugs?
"starting the entire scam again under the exact same name"--my opinion, too
I felt like I needed to disinfect my computer after researching all their dirty business.

[edit on 7-5-2006 by desert]

posted on May, 8 2006 @ 12:32 AM
Well, a hush kit is to reduce noise from the engines inside the aircraft. But you may very well be right about having used that N120NE to track N900SA. I'm not sure why they would need to, however. Also, this aircraft they publicly acknowledged having (and continue to do so) while N900SA was only briefly mentioned in one record and no press releases or websites of theirs announce the purchase of it. So they'd probably not want to dirty N120NE up and risk it getting caught as it was too much in the public eye.

posted on May, 8 2006 @ 08:17 AM
LoganCale, here's an interesting read

Could be unrelated but here for what it's worth

[edit on 8-5-2006 by desert]

posted on May, 8 2006 @ 10:28 AM
Great work guys,

Desert, nice to see you digging in there. Good to have your help.
Regenmacher, i was hoping your attention to detail would yield results... it has bigtime

One thing i think we can probably safely assume.

It wasn't supposed to get caught.
Mexico got lucky, the plane obviously knew how to "get approval to land, and have space from other eyes". It was business as usual, with the same airport officials as usual.

If you look back at the original articles, they mention two airport guards getting suspicious. Not the airport officials.

I think the cat was out of the bag, before the people on the inside could pay people to be quiet. That IMO is how the pilot got away... he got the word from one of his connections (probably the lady at the counter where he was filing the adjusted flight plan), that the deal was out, and he better scat.

If we assume that, then everything else since that point, can be a very good lesson on how and when (and at what stage) do they initiate new disinfo, or new red herrings, and even the various methods of damage control that are used.

Also, apparently Brent had been sold out... hung to dry... maybe he is willing to give his side of the story eventually.

Desert my friend, you are starting to see the levels... dont get scared, we are merely traveling a well traveled road of discovery...
We are not the first, and we wont be the last.
The truth is more than most people are ready for, but the more that know, the easier causing change shall be.

Having the head of the CIA connected to some of the scummiest deals in this decade doesn't hurt the process of change...
In fact, our new CIA head, seems to be a potential "wrench in the works" of those that would misuse the CIA.

posted on May, 9 2006 @ 10:47 AM
Hi guys, just dropping by to add some details I stumbled upon. I have been on top of this case since the beginning but the thread on is a little meshed up so I will post it here. I did research into Sky Way related companies and persons. To be clear: I'm not connecting these people I name personally or directly to the drugs haul.

First a possibly important link between Royal Sons and a shareholder in Sky Way.

Quoting from a SEC document about the loan for the N120NE:

.. The loan is guaranteed by the President of the Company, two other shareholders of the Company and a company controlled by one of the shareholders. In connection with the guarantee of the loan by one of our shareholders, a company related to this guarantor-shareholder is listed as the co-owner of the asset. ..
source: skyway10ksb2004

One of the major share holders of Sky Way Holding is Michael D. Farkas. Farkas is involved in the surveillance technology world. Farkas had a share in I-incubator (the former Master Communications), of which Mastertel Inc was a subsidiary. Mastertel Inc became and finally Sky Way Communications. Another company related to Farkas is Security Intelligence Technology (formerly/also Hipstyle, CCS Communications Control Systems International, Counter spy shops, This company has genuine surveillance and security technology, and some people involved are well known names from the field. CCS VP and sales representative for Latin-American countries Mena(c)hem Cohen was arrested in 2002 together with a Boris Zubatyy and Cesar Gonzalo Cordova for attempting to illegally export a passive wiretap system to Colombia.

Farkas was listed in 2005 as president of Manhigut USA. This is the US branch of the Israeli Manhigut Yehudit which was founded by Moshe Feiglin and Shmuel Sackett. Shmuel Sackett is a loyal follower of Meir Kahane the founder of JDL and it's political wing the Kach party. Mahane's JDL and Kach are banned in Israel but it more or less continued as the 'ultra nationalist right'-labeled organization named 'Zu/Zo Artzeinu', which was also founded by Shmuel Sackett and Moshe Feiglin, officially claiming to use peaceful means in contrast to it's ideological predecessor. In the 90s Zu Artzeinu opposed the Oslo peace accords through civil disobedience. Nowadays Manhigut is fund-raising for example for Gush Katif, the radical settlers trying to resist the Gaza withdrawal last year.

Farkas' Manhigut associate Shmuel Sackett who grew-up in the US and worked at Wall Street is ''raising millions for Feiglin in the US''. Sackett was JDL member in the 70s and holds residence in Woodmere, NY and Karnei Shamron, Israel.

Now taking a big leap.. When you look at the events surrounding the assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahane, the '93 WTC bombing etc. you end up with FBI infiltrator Emad Salem (mp3), 'Al Qaeda', 'Hamas', Robert Wright but also Judith Miller already played a roll at that time. And Cheney was linking the '93 bombing to .. you guessed it.. ..Iraq. Robert Wright has been hinting that Hamas-linked people were allowed to operate in the US by what he believes certain powers who were out to derail the IL/PAL peace proces in the 90s.

I invite everyone who is investigating this case to keep the Israeli art students DEA groups in mind, and their connection to surveillance technology firms, activities in Florida, New Jersey and the Isaeli spyring activities near Grapevine, TX, where Sky Way also allegedly has operations.

posted on May, 9 2006 @ 11:11 AM
agonizer: Thank you for the excellent post. I know that I've heard the name Farkas somewhere, but I'll have to check where it was. I believe it was something mentioning Brent Kovar dumping stock off to him or something. I'm not sure, I'll need to find it.

The Israeli connection is something that has been on my mind the past few days, partly because it ties in with my personal 9/11 theory, but that's the first sign of an actual link I've seen so far. I'm going to do some more looking into these things you posted this morning.

Excellent work.

posted on May, 9 2006 @ 12:01 PM
Here's one of the things regarding Farkas. From a 1999 SEC filing:

We currently sublease office space in a building located at 701 Brickell Avenue, Suite 3120, Miami, Florida. The facility is leased pursuant to a month to month lease. The primary tenant is The Farkas Group, Inc., an affiliated entity. The Farkas Group, Inc. subleases the facility to Atlas Equity Group, Inc., an affiliated entity. Atlas Equity Group, Inc. subleases the facility to us.


Farkas is also CEO of the mentioned Atlas Equity Group.

DIRECTORS MICHAEL D. FARKAS has been our chairman of the board and chief executive officer since March 7 , 2000. Prior to joining our company , Mr. Farkas founded in March 1999 Atlas Recreational Holdings which owns a controlling interest in Holiday RV Superstores , Inc. , a publicly traded company on Nasdaq. Mr. Farkas served as secretary , treasurer and director of Atlas Recreational Holdings until February 2000. Since 1993 , Mr. Farkas has concentrated his business activities on mergers and acquisitions , financial consulting and fund raising primarily in the telecommunications , information technology and other hi-tech ventures through Atlas Equity Group , Inc. and Warrior Equity Partners , Inc.. Mr. Farkas has been a director and president of Atlas Equity Group since May 1993 and director and president of Warrior Equity Partners , Inc. since January 1994. Mr. Farkas is also a director of , Inc. since March 2000 , director of Global Realty Management Group since February 1997 ; and director and president of , Inc. , a subsidiary of , Inc..


There's a bunch of information on that last link as well, also mentioning Jamee Kalimi (FKA Jamee Freeman) who was running SkyWay Communications until it merged with SkyWay Aircraft. I'm fairly certain that Kalimi and Farkas are both in it together, as he was in charge of some of the i-Incubator subsidiaries and she was in charge of others.

posted on May, 9 2006 @ 01:05 PM
Thanks for the compliment. I did forget to credit the people who posted here for clearing out some details. Many things mentioned here contributed to and or verified things I found out myself.

Do your own research, but here are some lists I created from my notes. These are not necessarily complete.

People who are related to Sky Way:
- Edward DelValle, a sexual offender with the same name is active in the same area.
- Cliff Wilson, some press releases, linked to Vault Financial services, Allen Paule, Paul Gastwirth
- Alen Pellegrini, director
- Brent C. Kovar
- Joy C. Kovar
- James S. Kent
- Jamee Kalimi/ Jamee Freeman/ James(?) Kalimi, director of I-Incubator.
- Michael D. Farkas.

Here a list of companies, organizations and people linked to Michael D. Farkas:
- Rebecca J. Farkas(-Brock), married to Michael Farkas
- Michelle Brock, sister of Rebecca, Hipstyle, CCS
- Sky Way holding
-, former Master Communications,
- Mastertel INC
- Atlas capital services
- Farkas Group
- Atlas Equity group
- Genesis Realty Group, -> Darren and Jeffrey Glick
- Intellilabs
- Shumate
- Possibly Royal Sons.
- Manhigut USA, radical Zionist circles

People who are related to Security Intelligence Technology:
- Ben Yischa Jamil, CEO, also MM2 Group
- Arrielle Jamil, PR, also
- Marsha S. Pearl/ Marsha Jamil, managing director
- Sylvain Naar, director, formerly at Copytele Inc/secure communications
- Menachem Cohen, director, Latin American sales, arrested in 2002, former export manager at Koor Communications Security Systems Tel Aviv.
- Michelle Brock, sister of Rebecca J. Farkas
- Tom Felice, director, absent 2000-oct2001 for family business,
- Carmine O. Pellosie Jr., formerly president of Tech Laboratories Inc.
- Chris R. Decker, CFO, formerly working for True Markets LLC
- Boris Zubatyy(tty?), Cesar Gonzalo Cordova, arrested in 2002

Company/brand/subsidiary-names related to Security Intelligence Technology(CCS)
- CCS, London, Hong Kong and USA
- Homeland Security Strategies
- HSS Sofia
- Homeland Security Strategies of Florida Inc.
- Counter Spy Shop (UK)

posted on May, 9 2006 @ 01:23 PM
Wow, great list. Thanks very much for that. Looks like I have a busy day ahead of me.

Added: If you happen to come across any references to these people being connected to Genesis Aviation, could you post that here? Genesis Aviation owned N120NE before SkyWay and they apparently shared the address with Royal Sons/United Flite, etc along with Huffman Aviation.

The reason I wonder about a connection to Farkas/Kalimi and company is that they're connected to Genesis Energy and Genesis Reality. May be just a coincidence, but it seems connected.

[edit on 9-5-2006 by LoganCale]

posted on May, 9 2006 @ 06:59 PM
I didn't look into that specifically and a search through my archive doesn't bring up any relevant Genesis companies other than Genesis Realty and Genesis Energy Group. Jamee Kalimi was secretary of the Genesis Energy Group

I did find out Jet First (Palm Beach Int'l Airport, 1516 Perimeter road, suite 521, West Palm Beach FL 33466) shares their telephone number 1-800-361-1300 with Executive Charters. The whois information for lists Delano Bellow as registrar. Delano A. Bellow is also listed as president of Delano Sky Inc., Clearwater.

Sky Way's website held a testimonial by chief pilot Anthony Pitarresi of Executive Charters Inc. I don't believe Sky Way's technology ever worked, so I figure Mr. Pitarresi was so friendly to lie in a testimonial for Sky Way. Maybe they had more going on than being occasional business partners. Another name related to Executive Charters is Robyn Pitarresi.

posted on May, 9 2006 @ 07:48 PM
Hmm, I hadn't seen that Executive Charters site before. So that makes another company at 15875 Fairchild Drive. Royal Sons, United Flite, Executive Transport and Executive Charters.

I, likewise, don't believe SkyWay ever had any functional technology. The fact that Executive Charters is at the same location as Royal Sons, the pilot had to have seen the airplane parked there all the time and, I'm sure he saw the interior of it before some "tour".

posted on May, 11 2006 @ 08:09 AM

Forgive me if the above was posted before, take a look at it.

Its fresh news today, i think.

It has now been revealed by knowledgeable sources that Sky Way is affiliated with an off-shore company called DuPont Fund 57289, Inc., headed by a "Richard DuPont, Jr.," who likely does not exist. DuPont Fund is not affiliated with the DuPont business group or any subsidiaries of the multinational chemical firm. DuPont Fund is headquartered at Apartado 10455-1000 in San Jose, Costa Rica. This is the same address used by Red Sea Management, Ltd., an off-shore company and trust facilitator that is linked to another address -- 76 Dean Street in Belize City, Belize, which is apparently a post office box drop. Red Sea has a Cyprus-based subsidiary called Dark Sea Consultants that specializes in on-line gambling operations in the Middle East and East Asia. WMR sources report that this operation, involving coc aine smuggling and on-line gambling, is linked to the illegal operations of convicted GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff, members of Russian-Israeli-Ukrainian crime syndicates, and top Republican elected officials, including Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Texas Rep. Tom DeLay, and others who benefited from the infusion of drug and gambling proceeds into their political war chests, as well as the financing of pay-offs and bribes to election officials in Florida, Ohio, and other states to buy the 2004 election for George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

[edit on 11-5-2006 by dgtempe]

posted on May, 11 2006 @ 09:20 AM
I believe I am at least one of the sources of this Wayne Madsen article. Browse through the thread at for my (internet) sources and more details. AFAIK Red Sea's on-line gambling activities don't specifically target the Arab world and Asia. They have affiliated on-line casinos in many languages including Arabic and if I remember well most of their business came from the North-American market.

BTW Daniel Hopsicker has a new article out. It deals with Titan Corp. which also had financial ties to Farkas related, Inc.. Mastertel Inc. was a subsidiary of that became in dec 1999, and later in 2003 became Sky Way Communications Holding Corp.

posted on May, 11 2006 @ 10:05 AM
this isn't an elephant, its an octopus...

That report seems to sum up the connections that we knew were there, but buried in such layers, that it took a combined effort of many (props to GNN, and all its contributors).

So now we can start to unravel this empire, and its effect upon our country for the decades that it has been going on.

I read somewhere that Bush Sr had commented to someone off the record (that later put it on the record) that if the american people knew the things the bshes had done, the american people would call for their heads. I am starting to beleive it.

I had mentioned earlier, that one of our links (i believe it was from madcow) had a very good story, that could account for at least SOME of bush Jrs time away from the reserves while in college. Time that the (family friend) reserve commanding officer covered up for (around 1970-71.
THat story confirmed that Bush Jr was in central america "buying greenhouses/plants" during the same time of the "CIA" drug flights (which were also shown to be connected with the then CIA asset/agent Bush Sr (this early CIA connection is only disclosed on one declassified document, otherwise his cover was contained well). Bush Jr, would be gone for whole weekends, and fly off to who knows where (remember, he was a pilot)

And the wicked cool thing is the synchonisity of all the various scandals coming to light, makes for too many doors that can't be closed again...
Justice may yet prevail.

Afterall, the arguement that these ops are self paid for, so tax payers aren't bothered, is bull hockey. They import these drugs to OUR streets, to our poor, to our children...
How many people know someone that was destroyed by addictive drugs like coke?
I know a few, and i know of the massive expenditure on the WOD that is self promoted by the very hand that fights it...

How many people do you know that have gone to jail and have had their lives ruined for even possession of a small amount of a drug? how much do you think we spend a year, just keeping those unfortunates locked up?

It would be a whole lot cheaper and smarter (and responsible) to just bust the guy at the top, and stop the madness... I wouldn't mind paying for a state court ride for a THAT guy... you know... the one at the top of this drug chain.

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