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valiant thor incident, fact or fiction?

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posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 04:12 PM
I really would love to believe it. But it seems so....dare i say.....cult-ish. An alien come swooping down to bring the message of god cause god is know everywhere in the galaxy and Val is here to help mankind reconnect with god and get everyone prepared for gods second coming....or something like that.
I say CULT!
But I have emailed a gentleman who clam that he spoken to Val personally.
And in the past I have written Frank E. Stranges asking him questions on the subject of Valiant Thor. I was curious, what can I say. But all I've come up with is a dead end. I don't know.

If it's true that that is amazing but if not it's a very well thought of sham.

(Note: Val's friend Frank E. Stanges died in November.)

posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 06:01 PM
This subject has become of great interest to me of late. Weather or not valient thor exists or not is not of major conciquence in my mind. What he has supposedly said is however.

aliencowboy, i was afraid for a minute you were one of those annoying point missers and this post was going to be written to explain about yourself being christ, however thankfully you already understand that. Religeon has been used as a very effective method of social control for centuries. Its amazing what scaring people can achieve. But the truth will out... It all comes out in the wash as they say. Although with the excellently coordinated theivery of the christian church it may take a few cylcles! haha

Having just read both chapters on "" A lot of what he says is right on. Ive been reading about the powers of hypnotherapy and the second "channelled" speech reads like a hypnotists shpeil. Its full of suggestions. Although they are good. In that speech he talks about superconcious and from what i understand that is counciously reprogramming your subconcious to achieve positive spiritual outcome. Releasing your karma and ultimately dissolving your ego. So superconcious is the realisation and utilisation of your concious power over your subconcious.

What was this big thing in 2007?!?!

Obama is in. Well done that man for being right. Its his first day today or yesterday and already he has shaken things up massively, of which im glad.

I am very optamistic about our future as a race of being and i myself completely believe a changover of power from the minority to the majority will take place soon. There are so many more people really getting into this underground thinking (excuse the pun) and questioning why things are as they are and their place spiritually in the universe. One thing the media teaches children (i was born in 87 so i was brainwashed by the TV for sometime) is that the riteous side always prevails.... Yes! Positive affirmation! There is only good!

Sort of trailing a bit now... I would suggest Val does exist and his fellows are looking out for the planet through our unsteady times.... Well id hope so anyway. I think it was Val that said the only way we will be able to see who the people who control the masses is if extraterrestrials show them to us. It would and has been in their best interests to keep info on happenings such as Vals first contact and what he offered under wraps and therefore condem it to be a "conspiracy"

We know who the people are who seek to stifle our spiritual growth, he was wrong about that.

Live forever

posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 08:45 PM

posted on Jan, 1 2012 @ 02:04 AM
The story about Mr Thor being on planet Earth sounds real. However, there are certain details that makes this and any other stories about people coming from the heavens, false. Some of those details are: What are the basic deepest human curiosities. What would u ask to a being coming from an advanced civilization?? Of course I would ask him how the Universe was formed. What is beyond the limits of the Universe. What happens after physical death on Earth. How your propulsion system works. How do you travel through space without time. Is it true that humans were created? Those are basic questions I would ask and of course transmit the information.

But so far, any information we get from people suposedly related to him, is about love, and enlightment, ascension to another dimension and a lot of bullcrap that is completely irrelevant. That is insignificant. Until somebody comes forward with a real proof of productive communication, anything else is horse defecation. Whatever sounds real in this story is just what happened in the 50's and 60's but other than a few pictures, there's no other proof.

posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 02:42 PM
Fact I kew Dr frank Stranges well.

Group i will answer some questions here for
The resemblance is there with John Payne but it is not them. This picture was taken in High Bridge New Jersey no where near Hollywood. The fact of these peoples being Extra terrestrials was asserted by the Air Force photographer Augie Roberts who took these picture. He then called Dr Frank and told him that The gentlemen who called himself Valiant Thor had no fingerprints and he spoke several obscure languages including Xosha an obscure Afrikaans dialect with clicking and clucking noises.
Augie was quite excited, No one knew Valiant Thor was from Venus for sure but Dr Frank felt it was true and trusted his friend Augie Robert. He did start to share the picture in his lectures and only later was he contacted by Val in the manner his book stranger at the pentagon.
I knew and met Howard Menger personally he and his wife were very honest and nice people. Howard who told me at the time of the meeting in his back yard he did not know they were Venusians as they did not introduce themselves to him as such. "But that is not unusual with them" this meeting was in his back yard not on any Hollywood photo studio lot. This is no publicity shot as howard told me this himself! This a very old smear and you are parroting it here so this is not your research it is from somewhere else. Nice pictures though I will save them to my computer.
I would also say that Phil Schnieder who was attacked by a laser weapon in an underground bunker in 1978, when The Delta teams were seeking out greys to remove them in what is known as the "Dulce wars" also knew Valaint Thor. He said his father had other pictures of him and he never aged! This is the truth of the space family of light.
Alan Alda who Dr Frank met on a plane ride with Donn Thor heard the tale and after talking to Donn on the trip ran up to them as they exited and said "You know I have heard stuff like this before but you 2 guys i really do believe what you say!" The fabrication of the pictures were for what purpose?. Rory Calhoun has never come forward to say that these pictures were of him nor has the John Payne character.
There have also been eyewitnesses in his lectures that have seen Val at meetings and one very famous encounter was when a woman started to shout" its him its him" she pointed at VAl and said "its the man in the picture". Val instantly dematerialized and one man behind him fainted. There entire room was in an uproar. I was wondering since when do Hollywood movie stars dematerialize? Another gentleman at a lecture in Florida spoke up at the end of one of Dr Franks talks and said "I was in the Pentagon in 1959 and that man Valiant Thor in that photo was walking down the hall in the pentagon one day as he approached me he got on one knee and put his hands one on my back and one on my stomach and looked upward and said a prayer. He cured my indigestion which was eating me alive I was in a bad state and he healed me".
It seems Dr Frank is not the only person to have experiences with Valiant Thor but my guess is it wont be very much longer before the commander and many others of our space family reveal themselves and clear up the confused minds who doubt themselves or members of The federation who come to serve and uplift this planet into the light.
The space hood of light has been here for thousands of years we have never been alone. The movie "The day the earth stood still" Though fiction, is very close to what has happened several times previous to friendly ET overtures to those of the earths govts.
Val visit to the Pentagon was only one of many such visits and warnings and blessings and promises of love and light and compassionate assistance to the people of the earth by the Ashtar Galactic command and others.
I reccommend you not deny yourself these wonderful expressions of spirit freely shared by Frank Stranges and many others.
I pray for the Whole truth be revealed to this planet soon and that we all try to give something positive of ourselves and to others in regards to truth. Iam new to this site and hope to share information of our family of light from the star as well as from other spiritual paths.
Warm regards to all

posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 03:16 PM
Thanks for the details, Rob

Astronaut Gordon Cooper also knew and trusted Howard Menger, and Cooper even packed a bag for a planned UFO voyage that later was cancelled for political reasons. See Cooper's autobiography for details.

posted on Feb, 16 2014 @ 01:23 PM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS
>SNIP< Hi, you said that you worked with Val until 79... How does he look like? Does he look like the photo that was given by Dr. Stranges or how? ALSO, what's gonna happen in 2025? Can you give us a clew? Finally,what is hidden to our race is bad or good, what do you think?

posted on Feb, 16 2014 @ 01:27 PM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS
post by Anonymous ATS

Hi, you said that you worked with Val until 79... Does he look like the photo that was given by Dr. Stranges or how? How does he look like? And how did he come to Eizenhauer for giving anti-death solutions if he lives 500 years? ALSO, what's gonna happen in 2025? Can you give us a clue? Soemthing bad or good, please give a clue at least... Finally, what is hidden to our race is bad or good, what do you think?

posted on Feb, 16 2014 @ 02:01 PM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

It is hard to discuss this subject matter without losing all credibility as a scientist, but having spent quite a bit of time researching the stories of the Hannibu Spacecraft and the technological developments of the Vrillian society before the second world war, this story seems to play into the lore. It makes sense that Harley A. Byrd would be given top secret clearance and included in the study of extra terrestrials given that Admiral Byrd was involved in operation High Jump. There are a lot of conflicting stories regarding the American lead mop up attacks in Antarctica against the peaceful Vrillians who abandoned Nazi Germany with their technology after it became clear that Hitler would have used their developments to destroy the world. Clearly the bloodbath that ensued in Antarctican ice was justified to the admiralty, as they were acting as mercenaries for the Rockefeller’s to prevent the development of free energy technology, and Byrd was the first to break the silence of the technology he had seen. He would have been included in matters of extra terrestrial policy in those times in order to maintain his silence.

Or this could just be another great piece of prose. So many secrets.


posted on Sep, 29 2016 @ 07:08 AM
a reply to: worksoftplayhard

Valiant Thor - Valiant meaning brave and Thor being a God of the Northern Germanic people / Nordics - was the code name of a high-ranking and valuable German scientist who fled to Canada during WW2. VT was helicoptered into the US across the Canadian-US border in 1957 after making contact with the US Government. His helicopter, the Victor One (or Viktor One, a German name) landed in Alexandria from where he was ushered to the capitol with his young wife. He lived and worked in the US for 3 years under a top-secret agreement to help the US gain an edge over the USSR in the Cold War. VT was an alien, from the USSR. He took a high-level position at the Pentagon to direct programs in nuclear and space technologies, something he was very adept at like many German Scientist taken in by the US. He officially did not and still does not exist.

posted on Oct, 30 2016 @ 07:32 PM
Just came across this story tonight via different site. Very interesting indeed and surprised id not heard of it before. My only questions is IF this story had any credibility to it why would Val stay on Earth and what position would he hold in current government etc. I'm not speculating there is any truth to this story but wanting to know what the background story was for extended residence on earth and his objective

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