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Who is God and what does he want?

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posted on Jan, 3 2006 @ 09:30 AM
Often I think how we as people mock God. So do you think God holds the same qualities as us? Sense of humour,love,hate etc?

Now if God decides to create the earth and us it seems as why and how he did it is to have some sort of experience as he only exsisted before us and that would be a sad place by yourself.

So he creates us and gives us free will Free will the only thing having a way of self experience that is not controlled nor known.

Now as a person when you strip away everything and think what you want in life like the main thing what is it? You can think about that forever but I think the best thing would be love and bliss. Agree? I mean take away the material things, hate, greed, want ego than I would end up with Love.,

As if you give yourself to God it is the purest thing you could do and the sacrafice is appreciated by God etc etc

Now with that said it seems a bit off with freewill if we have a bible telling us the future it seems as it itself is a sin talking about the end of the world etc. Plus with magik and numerology being sins by the Torah what does that say about the NT? Propherecy could be viewed as Magik unless they all really talked to God.

Is God talking though? Did God pick moses or did Moses pick God? Now is Jesus really chosen by God or did Jesus choose God? If Jesus picked God would that be in way of doing work for God what God can't do. Like being God can't just fly down and tech us himself.

With that said if we believe in the end times is this a needed period so we can face the evil and kill it off to have heaven forever? Make sense?

Or is this just a known occurence as nothing can last forever before it kills itself off hence end of times,loss of God,wars etc?

Now if God evolves and Evil evolves and we evolve would there not be some sort of progress that we can beat the end times and just enter or create this heaven?

Or maybe as we like adventure so does God and maybe the people of Good deserve to fight off evil in one final war but if Good fights evil isn't the fight evil itself and how would that make us any better than the evil ones. If we strive to be perfect like God to be with God how do we eliminate evil whole in whole without falling to the use of evil itself for the task?

If we just fall to evil and we say go ahead take us whatever we know we are good than we win hands down? Maybe evil trys to work us up but if we just stand strong than it would kill itself? Or maybe if we cover evil with love it will fall to our hands and submit to love?

Also in thoughts of evil and god I had the thought of submission and dominance. If we give in to evil as above stated since we want something and evil wants us because we are good would this be the creation of passion?

Make any sense? Anyone agree? thoughts please.

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posted on Jan, 3 2006 @ 11:07 AM
If God does exist, boredom is a definite possibility, so entertainment may be what God wants.
He probably just wants to go home and go to bed.

posted on Jan, 4 2006 @ 02:13 PM
I know some are not going to like this statement at all, but I'll throw it out there anyways:

The bible states: "We are currently in the domain of Satan"

I know some masionic practicioners believe Lucifer is the dominant deity.

So who is God and what does God want?

from some perspectives:

Lucifer is God, and for what the intentions of Lucifer is:

Lucifer wants to go home. But, since he aspired to be like God, the God of creation, and created (the domain in which we now reside), until we get it right, The true god will not accept Lucifer back into the kingdom, until we are all are able to accompany Lucifer.

stands to reason this may make more sense concerning the 10 commandments, especially the one that states: "I am a jealous God". Because, what does God have to be jealous of, if not other Gods?

Edited to add:

I may or may not subscribe to these beliefs, but it would be denying truth to ignore the plausibility of it. We are obviously not in the kingdom of heaven. And if we are not in Heaven, then where else would we be? Who are we to judge the will of the first observer, and his once faithful and loyal great angel "Lucifer".

The only truly justified "Devils Advocate" is the Devil's creator, the Devil's Father, God of creation.

Just some thoughts.

Jesus and Lucifer are brothers. Their Father is the same. Their Father is revered by most as the manifestation of perfection. And if the epitome of perfection created Lucifer, who are you to question GOD's will?

GOD's will will be done regardless of your opinion.

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