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uncovering of God

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posted on Jan, 2 2006 @ 10:32 PM
I related the uncovering of God to endtimes. As we grown and evole in time we seem to uncover God more and more. As we as a people connect online and communication speed up than knowledge than answers and than more questions it would be as if we uncover God. Do you agree?

I read once God hides in Dark places I took the meaning as he hides from us and for reason. Why can not see God and he can't see us. As to if we saw him and truly new him what would this make us?

See what I am getting at if we had no babel what would we have? We would have all god's answers. Which I relate to satan is the one who wants to sit in God' seat.

The above reminds me why numerology and magic are sins.

Maybe the fool to evil is thinking evil is winning as we grown farther away from God as religions are not saught as much as before however?

The above statement seems its a contradiction which reminds me of before the christ is an anti and before the prophet their is a false prophet.

Now the above just confuses me. Why do we have to see the biggest evil before we see the biggest good? Do we create this process by nature or by mechanics and if by mechanics why does this seem not the proper why of doing things? Its as if before I have a mercedes I need to break my Yugo first?

It simplicity is this just works?

Or if there is a true antichrist and beast do we create it by belief?

As the power of prayer is proven to be possible this than holds true as the power of evil. If you belive in it enough it can and will happen. By single person or society? If by single person if I belived more than any of you could I make it heaven on earth? If I faced the antichrist and the beast for everyone would that than open the gates of heaven for all?

A sacrafice of Sacrafices? My Good to go evil to offer the ultimate of good to all?

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