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Iran rejects Russian nuclear offer (moved from ATSNN)

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posted on Jan, 2 2006 @ 12:50 AM
Iranian nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani spoke on state television in Iran, and stated that Iran would reject an offer made by Russia to have its nuclear fuel produced in Russia. He further stated that some, but not all of their nuclear fuel would be produced outside of Iran. The Iranian government is intent on producing its own nuclear fuel for energy production within their country.
Speaking on state-run television Sunday, Ali Larijani argued the offer would deny his nation's right to "be in charge of its own fate" on energy matters.

He said Iran would be willing to have some, but not all, of its nuclear fuel produced outside the country.

Iran's hard-line conservative government insists it has the right to restart nuclear facilities and enrich uranium for the production of nuclear energy, despite fears by some other nations --including the United States -- that Tehran's true goal is to produce nuclear weapons.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

I'm just a little scared. This is coming from the government that says that the holocaust was made up, and never happened. I don't like the idea of Iran having the ability to enrich their uranium, even if it is for energy production. We all know that some enriched uranium could be used to make nuclear weapons.

posted on Jan, 2 2006 @ 01:16 AM
Dumb move by the Iranians but not entirely surprising.
I had hoped they'd accept, as it would have put a monkeywrench in the clamor for war against Iran, but it appears the Iranian leadership is more stubborn than subtle, no shock there I guess...

posted on Jan, 2 2006 @ 04:25 AM
I doubt very much whether accepting the Russian offer would have changed anything at all. There are folks in both Israel and the US who want war and will keep pushing for it to happen

posted on Jan, 2 2006 @ 04:48 AM
humm.... I guess it is alright for the president of Iran to say that "Israel should be wiped off the map", among some other statements towards Israel and the U.S.

Hey, there is nothing to be concerned about right?......

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posted on Jan, 2 2006 @ 12:02 PM
I know from previous posts that we have had Predator drones flying over Iran doing reconaissance, and we supposedly have special forces in country. I think the necessary steps to attack have already been completed. It could be that Iran has the wmd's. This is possible. During the first gulf war the remnants of the Iraqi air force ran to Iran to avoid destruction.

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