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Self illuminiscent dust particles in the air ?

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posted on Dec, 30 2005 @ 09:54 PM
Hi, recently I made the following observation:

Laying in a dark room with my eyes open, the picture I get is made up of very small grains of black, grey and white dots, similiar to the noise you have on your tv when it's not adjusted to the carrier frequence of a certain chanel.

Within this soup I see very bright self illuminiscent, blue-green points.

These particles are definately in the air and not on my retsina, I can turn my eyes away and looking back, they are exactly at the point they should be on their ballistic curve.

I can even catch them ( moving very cautiously ) and have a look at with a magnifying glass.
There's a sharp bright core, the source of the flourescent radiation and an halo around making up a very small orb.

There are not many of these particles in the air, usually there's just one, sometimes, very rarely, I detect two or three at once in a room.

I travel a lot and I find them everywhere ( different rooms, cities, countries, ...).

They always seem to originate out of one source, close to a window or door, just one after an other
in a sequence of about 10 seconds.
I tried to find the exact location they originate from, but to no avail.
When I come close to where I see them coming from, the phenomenom vanishes.

I seem to attract these particles, they always fly in my direction.

Any ideas ? Could anyone verify my observation ?

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posted on Dec, 31 2005 @ 03:51 AM
Hi Cycles,
It is very late and i am very tired but i just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that i see EXACTLY the same thing and in fact even started a lively post about it a few months ago.Seems quite a few folks see the same thing.I have had this vision literally my whole life.I will share with you what i think it is as well as what others have shared with me after the new years.Or you can u2u me if you want to.I am very interested in your experiences since you have described the phenomena better than anyone else (including myself) that i have heard.u2u me or ill get back to you soon.

"mommy,mommy,I can see molecules!"

posted on Dec, 31 2005 @ 08:53 AM
what you see are simply dust particles that are illuminated by a light source. Nothing special or paranormal about it.

posted on Dec, 31 2005 @ 10:13 AM
No, radical fanatical,without question: These are self illuminescent particles.

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posted on Dec, 31 2005 @ 10:27 AM
Since you say that they are everywhere you go, that "might" indicate that "they"--the lights-- are in your eyes, thus going where you go.

Perhaps you might read here

posted on Dec, 31 2005 @ 12:01 PM

Originally posted by allisoneisall
Hi Cycles,
It is very late and i am very tired but i just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that i see EXACTLY the same thing and in fact even started a lively post about it a few months ago.Seems quite a few folks see the same thing.I have had this vision literally my whole life.I will share with you what i think it is as well as what others have shared with me after the new years.Or you can u2u me if you want to.I am very interested in your experiences since you have described the phenomena better than anyone else (including myself) that i have heard.u2u me or ill get back to you soon.

"mommy,mommy,I can see molecules!"

Looks like the Force reached you.
What about we make 2006 the year of This Light before another collective effort turn it off? Unless everyone is willing to wait until 2012.

Cycles, try to check the cohesion of these particules under different humidity environment. There must be some cycles or resonance form pattern that allows them to lite more efficiently than others.

posted on Dec, 31 2005 @ 03:27 PM
Yeh, i see the same effect (i think) when i press on/ rub my eyes but obviously thats a trick of the eye
. I dunno about what you are seeing, but i can make ideas about it. Hopefully it is a trick of the eye, and i hope that it isn't radiactive dust
because, that would't be the besy stuff to inhale and eat and generally be around.

There aren't any weird electrical phenonema that could be causing such thing is there? Like when there is a thunderstorm, sometimes you get strange sheets of like bluish colour across the ground and in the air. You don't live under powerlines or something like that?

Try and collect a big sample of the stuff, if you can't maybe it isnt there!!?

posted on Dec, 31 2005 @ 04:10 PM
I don't think anyone can pass judgement on this unless we have some pictures. If they're as common as you shouldn't have any problem getting some pictures, right?

One question: you say that you must move cautiously to catche them, right? Do they attempt to move away from your hands, or do they blow away like dust? When you examine them under your microscope, do they jitter around or try to move in some way?

posted on Dec, 31 2005 @ 07:05 PM
I also have witnessed this phenomena, but I have to confess, it first began after eating quite a bit of mushrooms several years ago.

If I concentrate, I can see them in open-air (never in doors), and as far as I can tell, it's not optic-to-brain related.

My best explanation is that of "quantum particles." In my case, they look like individual points of light within their own individual orbit, and are not affected by any outside influence (such as waving your hand through them or moving around the eyes).

It may be easy for the uninitiated to claim this phenomena as an "acid flashback", but this is not the case. "Flashbacks" are simply a form of PTSD.

Any other takers on what some of are seeing?

A visual peek at the Ether, perhaps?


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posted on Jan, 1 2006 @ 06:29 PM
hi all and happy new year!
As i was saying Cycles,i have had this vision permanently since i was old enough to remember.It is alomost like the static snow on a tv screen but the "dots" or points of light are much smaller and not black and white but all kinds of colors.The dots are everywhere regardless of where i look but every now and then i will see what i call a singularity, which is one bright dot with an almost three dimensional aspect.If i focus on the image and enlarge it in my "minds eye" the dot becomes more like a globe with two or three other smaller globes in orbit around it, almost like you would imagine the an atom with its sub-atomic particles.These special dots or whatever are rarer than the constant field af a million dots that are racing around my field of vision at all times.I have also noticed that i can influence the movement of these particles with thought and that i can also plainly see an "aura" or light body around people and objects and that these small dots bounce around differently when viewed in contact with other living beings.Focusing on this phenoomena has allowed me to see auras clearly and at will, which is not an overly impressive trick and is actually a fairly simple next step for those who already can see these dots.
Cycles, or anyone else who wants to hear my method for easily learning to see auras using this sight please u2u me and i will explain some simple steps to start seeing auras and other etheric phenomena.I am hesitant to post this stuff in open forum unless there is a general call for it because so many ridicule what they have not experienced.I am not interested in debate with skeptics as i am quite sure what it is i am and am not seeing here.I estimate from my own personal surveys that about 1 in 20 or 30 people have this sight naturally though they may be unsure what it is and tune it out.
Like i said, u2u me and i will give you my method for expanding this field of sight.

posted on Jan, 1 2006 @ 08:31 PM
Hopefully they're not self-illuminescent -- that would indicate some sort of contamination. The first thing I thought of that might be self-illuminescent in dust form is the element, radium.

And that's radioactive.

On the biological, visual end, there's a good discussion of that on BTS:

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posted on Jan, 1 2006 @ 11:58 PM
well its entiraly posable there are countless chemicals in the air allways reacting so it is posable but not probable your eyes play games no doubt in that do this collect some of these glowing particles put them in a vial or small sealed contaner then take a picture if you cant get them as in pick them up its probable some thing other that a self ilumanated particle b/c life is baised on fact i beleve you that you see something but ive heard ppl who have seen elvis at the gas station so we need facts


posted on Jan, 2 2006 @ 07:33 PM
Some radioactive speck is what first came to mind as well. If these particles are indeed a physical object, and are indeed luminescent, it should be possible to collect and contain them for extended observation.

I've had my share of PHPD symptoms... flashes of light, brilliant points of light a discernable distance away, etc. However, these experiences remain in the realm of mental creation. I have never encountered a self sustaining light emitting particle.

If these are real, and you can indeed observe them under a magnifying glass, then you should be able to collect them. So... collect them. And maybe invest in a geiger counter.

posted on Jan, 3 2006 @ 04:56 AM
Thank you all for your kind replies !

allisoneisall, I will u2u later today and have a try with the metaphysics you propose !

But for now: Aren´t there any physicists or chemicists around who could shine a light on this ?

I´m absolutely sure, what I perceive is a 3D space and time phenomenon which deserves a conventional scientific explanation.

I´m not on any drugs and more the Joe-six-pack kind of (without the six-pack) you know and never had any hallucinations ...
I´m not excited, I´m just curious.

I´ll try an even more in depht description.

The element:

The radiating core is a very bright sharp dot of blue-green color (more blue but green).
It´s size is hard to tell, should be a fraction of 1/100 mm or even less.
Unfortunately I have no microscope, but when I look at it with a magnifying glass I clearly see the halo or orb surrounding the core. It´s about 1/2 mm or even more in diameter and becomes less bright with the distance to the core.
I can clearly see it illuminates the region around when it lays on a sheet of paper for example.
When it sits on my hand, I do not need to move too cautiously. Moving my hand up and down it falls back in my hand again ( I can play "ball" with it).
In relation to its size the element must be very heavy.
The dots seem to have all the same brightness but there are differences from night to night.
I have never noticed them out-doors.
Weather seems to play a role, they are not as bright now as they have been in the summer time ( thanks Desmond for the hint "humidity" ).

My first thought was "oh that´s phosphor", which was in use for the numbers on all kind of wrist watches / clocks once. It´s banned now I believe ?
I have such an old clock, but the dots of light I´m talking of are far brighter and the colour is blue compared to the green of phosphor numbers.

Are there any other elements which radiate in the frequency range of the human eyes ?

The source:

The source is a constant shining dot, always close to a window or a door (usually leading to a floor).
It´s just - one - source at one window generating the dots.
Very rarely there are two sources. In this case there is one close to the window, the other one at the door.
There is no special part of a window or door the source is located at, the source can be on any part (frame of wood, plastice, metal) or the pane of the window.
When I try to get to the source, to have a close look, the phenomenon stops when I´m about 1 m away.
Of course I turn the lights on to have a close examination of that spot, but I can´t find anything unusual.
As soon as I turn the lights off and keep the proper distance, the source produces the dots again.
For one night the location of the source stays the same whatever I do.
The next night it could be a different location, but it stays there for that night.

The ballistic curve:

The dot shoots out of the source, slows down mid-air and falls down.
You could compare it to a gun shot, but far slower of course.
The velocity the elements shoot out of the source is very different.
Some dots fall down at a distance to the source of about 0,30 m, the maximum I experienced is over 10,00 m, covering any range in between.
The vertical ankle the dots shoot out of the source differs too: From very flat to high bows.
The horizontal ankle is within 30°.
The source shoots in an irregular sequence pattern of 3 to 15 seconds.

And now the strangest part:

The dots always fly in my direction.
I can move around in a room, the the stream of dots follows me with a short delay of about 15 seconds.
Example: I sit in a chair and watch the dots come in my direction for a while, next I go to the cupboard.
There are still two or three dots shooting in the direction of the chair before they take on my new position.

That´s all for now.

I´d really appreciate if someone could come up with a scientific explanation.
This is real. It´s not a mental picture or any particles in my eyes.

Thanks for listening.

posted on Jan, 3 2006 @ 06:11 AM

Umm, what you're describing somehow keeps saying 'radioacitve' in my head!!!

Well, it's kinda weird, but the way a source emitts other particles seems to sound like radioactive decay! Could be some sort of effect of the decaying of the substance (source), like if one particle emitts some sort of other particle (ie a Beta or Alpha radiation, beta being a highly energised electron, and alpha being the same as a helium nucleus) then it could somehow be causing this shooting out effect of particles could be ionising other particles and causing some sort of light effect, though i've never heard of something like this before.

You could always collect the particles and test them, this is how i would go:

Mass Spectrometer - to see what it is you COULD be dealing with (find its relative Atomic Mass)

Geiger Counter/ Some form of radioactive detection - to see if it is emitting radiation.

I don't know if it could be chemical reaction, but it seems unlikely, as it might not sustain for this long and i can't think what it could be!

Things that glow in the dark include Radium. Became pretty common at one time, people used to paint watches with it ( so hands glow) and they thought of other stupid stuff to do with it ( they didn't know its drawbacks yet!) Yes anyway, watch painters used to lick their brushes, and people used to paint themselves and their teeth anyway...yes that was ok and fun until they found it was causing cancer, and people ended up with tumors!!!

The way the source stays constant over one night seems to indicate that it may not be a trick of the eye. Can you photograph/film it?

There tends to be a lot of radioactive source spread about the earth today (not just the natural ores) for example, after chernobyl went up, sheep in wales began to glow in the dark!!! And Wales is so far away?

Anyway if you have Radium around it's stupidly dangerous!

hmmm It baffles me what it really could be?

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posted on Jan, 3 2006 @ 02:42 PM
Thanks shakeyjc for your suggestions !

Yes, I can collect the particles in a cup. In a white one I can watch them rolling around.

But what should I do next ?

I have no tools like a Mass Spectrometer or a Geiger Counter.
Which kind of laboratories should I get in contact with to get an analysis (for free if possible) ?

As for the Radium, I always thought it was Phosphor which was used for the watches up to the eighties.
As said before, I have a watch with the numbers painted self-luminiscent, but the color is tangerine.
The particles I´m talking of glow more blueish with just a touch of green.

As for the glowing sheep in Wales:
On a white blanket I can see hundreds of these particles adding up to a faint glow.
I can blow them away from there. It needs quite a strong blow to get them in the air again and - which puzzles me completely - the inevitable return back in my direction !
As soon as they have come to a rest they are not as bright as they are in flight.
This is because many of the particles fall through the texture of the blanket and I can´t see
the sharp, bright core anymore on part of them I believe.

I have a digital camera, but I´d need a very long shutter time to get something recognisable and I have no stand.
Anyway, I´ll have a try ...

As for the location: I live in France but I travel a lot.
I´ve seen the phenomenon everywhere in Europe and I´ve been to Hong Kong,
Shanghai, South Africa, Japan and Australia the last year.

With exception of the Americas I can say for sure it happens world wide.

I can´t believe that I am the only one who can see all that:

If you have a white blanket, just have a look at it tonight as soon as your eyes are adjusted to the darkness.
The room should really be dark (no lights from the street or stand-by lights of tv´s, computers and so on).

I´m sure you will detect these particles on a white blanket and watching carefully you could follow their flight path back to the source.

Thanks again for listening !

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posted on Jan, 4 2006 @ 08:01 AM
Hi allisoneisall, I tried to u2u but it´s not possible because I´m a new member and I have to do 20 posts first before I can make use of u2u.

Maybe I can reply if you send me a u2u ??? Thanks !

posted on Jan, 4 2006 @ 08:06 AM
Hi allisoneisall, I tried to u2u but it´s not possible because I´m a new member and I have to do 20 posts first before I can make use of u2u.

Maybe I can reply if you send me a u2u ??? Thanks !

posted on Jan, 4 2006 @ 09:39 PM
just b/c it glows dosent mean its radioactive look at plutoneum it dosent glow thats just a hollywood thing. its cool to find sevral people having this sam thing hapen excelent.

posted on Jan, 5 2006 @ 01:35 AM
Hi Cycles.Wow it sounds like your experience is completely unique from mine...i am jealous.I am fascinated by what you are describing,I have a few questions:
1-can you find these particles in every enviroment, such as outdoors, in the car, etc.?
2-can you photograph them?
3-can you influence their movement through thought?
4-how long have you been seeing this?Is it a constant or do you have to look for it?
5-do they respect the solidity of matter?How do you get them in the cup?
6-do they expire or have a shelf life?
&-any other pattern such as time of day,weather,etc?

Thanx for sharing..this is interesting.

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