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It finally Worked!

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posted on Dec, 30 2005 @ 03:57 PM
I'm so excited right now, I had an OBE atlast! It was the most amazing, insightful experience I've ever felt. I love reading about other people's experiences, and I think that's really what kept me on the right track, so here is my Amazing OBE!

I was in the middle of dreaming, and I remember my conscious self waking up very slowly. It was how I must have felt when I first gained memory, like when I was two. It was as if, this whole time in my dream, I had no memory of myself, and only actions. Then slowly a thought crept into my head, and I remembered exactly how I fell asleep! Who has ever remembered the point that they go into a dream? I have never felt that. In my dream, I remembered a picture forming, like reality(dream) coming into focus, and light, and colors. I remember the first image was a road sign, as if my dream began in the middle of some story. Which is why I can never remember the first part of my dream, because there isn't a first part! The first part is black, and the second part is the middle of a random scenario.

Anyway, I still didn't know I was dreaming, because my dreams have been becoming very realistic. So I thought I was awake, and I was only remembering how a dream started maybe the night before. I felt so enlightened, and I followed the memory of the dream up to the point that I was right at that perticular moment. That's when it clicked in my head that I was still dreaming! But at the same time, there was a voice, inside my head that told me "Stay very calm, you are about to have a lucid dream." This whole time I felt as though I was dreaming, and I tricked myself into thinking that I was awake because everything was so real. I think the voice I heard was an instinct, or reflex, because I always tell myself to stay calm when I lucid dream before I go to sleep.

Well, I realized that I was an idiot for recognizing a mansion as my actual house (You know how someplaces that you hang out alot seem bigger and more complex when you dream) I was so excited but surprisingly calm, it was such a real, but different feeling. The only thing was I couldn't make up my mind about what I wanted to do first, "Should I fly? Jump off a cliff? Fight ten thousand men with unrealistic power?" Then I remembered that I miss my girlfriend in the US, so I decided to conjure up a memory of her, to manifest herself in my dream. (My subconscious knows her so well, it made her act in ways I forgot she acted. It was weird how much I remembered when I dreamt.) Only problem was it was really hard to control anything, it seemed like my thoughts were more focused on unpredictability, than a controlled environment.

That's when I felt myself start to be pulled out of the dream, not like being pulled out of my body, but being pulled to consciousness. I tried as hard as I could to calm myself, and stay in a dream state. I tried so hard that I was still asleep when my Physical eyes opened! That was weird. I was hallucinating so baddly, and Sleep Paralysis was still settled in so I couldn't move, but my eyes were open (I experienced this before, only I couldn't see my room, I dreamt I was a rabbit and a Dinosaur spotted me, and was about to eat me. I acted like a rabbit, being so scared that my eyes to open as wide as they could go, though I couldn't see my room, they started to burn from not blinking, then I woke up and noticed that my eyes were open before I woke up.)

The end result of this wakeful-sleeping was so weird. I guess my subconscious was still sending signals through my dream to wherever I feel. (It's so realistic) And I thought I was standing up right, looking down at the floor, when in reality I was laying down, looking past my feet toward my wall. I still felt the carpeted floor of my dream underneith my feet, so I thought I was standing on a cliff, looking down at my TV that was laying on the ground and not against a wall.

Finally I was able to close my eyes, and I wanted to dream again, to experience somemore Lucidity. But I felt that I could easily OBE, since my body was still asleep. Pictures started to focus in my mind again, but I shut them out, and concentrated on getting out of my body. And I kne exactly how to. Once I started thinking about how much I wanted to OBE, there was a force pulling me, like there was a slight gravity in the air. As soon as I started to give into it, there was a sound like a short, highpitched gunshot, without and echo, and even though my eyes were closed, I felt my upperbody rising up, being pulled by this invisible force. It felt like my legs were still a bit attatched to my body, and I didn't want to try to move them, afraid that I would move my actual legs, and wake up. So I rolled over, off the side of my bed, and the rest of me slid out like my legs were just pants! I got completely out of my body, but didn't know hot to really move. The gravity it seemed dissapeared, maybe only trying to help me come out of my body, and I slowly fell to the floor, in an akward position, my feet still on the bed, but my body curled in a crecent form facing my sleeping self. I couldn't exactly see, but I knew what I was facing, I knew what was infront of me, and I could picture myself sleeping clearly.

I wanted to open my eyes, and took the chance of trying to open my 'Astral Eye' (Third eye, if you want to call it that) But I think I tried to hard because I also opened my physical eyes, along with my Astral Eye. This was weird to, because I could see myself, with my eyes open, and I could see what my eyes were seeing, looking at the spot I had fallen in. Though I couldn't see myself, I knew I was there, because my other sight was looking at my eyes, and they were looking directly at me! I got a head ache because of it!
(The best way I could describe this is to grab a small box that will cover one eye and put a picture of yourself sitting on the couch, looking at the camera inside the box. then sit on the couch and look at the spot you took the picture from and place the box over one eye. (Make sure there's a hole to let enough light into the box))

I don't know if this is how everyone feels when they're out of body, but this is deffinately how I felt. once I was completely out of my body, I wasn't exactly transparent, because I couldn't see myself, but I felt like my thoughts were creating a form in the air, though invisible. Like it was using the air to carry my consciousness. Manipulating and creating a New Vessel, that wasn't my body in the air, on the astral plain. It made me feel so different. Like, I was no longer observing the world. I was no longer in the world. I felt like part of the world. I wasn't living in the environment, I was the environment. This has opened my eyes in a new, amazing way. I feel enlightened to the relationship between (Wo)man and World.

How has my perspective changed? I used to think a proper Analogy would be.


But now I feel so much different.

Human:World::Oxygen:H²O(H2O)::Energy:eM²(eM2)::Grain of sand|Desert::Love:God

I feel that we are truely part of the world, and not just inhabitants on it.

[edit on 30/12/05 by Kokasion]

posted on Dec, 30 2005 @ 05:14 PM
Congrats on your OOBE! Your experience is very interesting and beautifully written. I have a few questions for you.

How long have you been experimenting with OOBE's? Do you remember similar experiences as a child to what you had here? As I can vividly recollect having OOBE's when I was a child.

I have been experimenting with OOBE's for only a few months now. The astral projection podcast on ATS is what reawakened my interests in it. I have been using various methods and have had a few successes.

I recall having 2 OOBE's. The first was only a few days after I started reading up on this subject. I was in bed and I woke up in my bed, but I was still dreaming. I then got out of my bed, walked outside and jumped straight up into the air and flew off into space. I flew faster then I could imagine. In fact I flew too fast and got excited and scared realizing I was projecting. I then felt a tug and then a sudden shock to my body then woke up.

My second one was just recently. It was 2 nights ago. I was using a brainwave generator to induce a delta range of 4 herts. (This is suppose to be the vibrational stage at which astral projections occur.) This is done by binaural beat frequencies. More info can be found at this website.
Brainwave Generator Binaural Beat Information

Anyways my recent OOBE was very weird. I basically sunk threw my bed and felt like I was travelling underneath the earth itself. I ended up near Chicago. I remember flying across The Edge of Lake Michigan and seeing boats and a freeway or some sort of street on the left. I then flew over to the street and stood in the middle to see if cars would pass through my body. Low and behold they did, but then I started again becoming excited and scared at the same time and I felt a sort off dizzy tumbling feeling, it was exciting. I felt the same tug and sudden jolt and then I woke up in my bed.

Please note that I have never been to Chicago and for some reason when I woke up I could swear I was in Chicago lol don't ask me why... Anyways I was so convinced that it wasn't a dream that I actually went and google earthed Chicago. The visual similarities blew my mind.

OOBE's, Astral Projections, and Remote Viewing is real. I urge the disbelievers to just give it a try. Believe me once you have achieved your first OOBE your perectives on everything will change forever.

posted on Dec, 30 2005 @ 07:55 PM
Congratulations for your experience and the vivid memory you've kept of it. I'm really happy for you!!!

I hope i'll be the next one to make a thread like this one!!

Anyway, congrats again and keep up the good work, since your journey has just begun!!

posted on Dec, 30 2005 @ 11:05 PM
Congrats Kokasion!!! What an awesome experience huh?

I thought I would share my experience with you too.I have been practicing on having OOBE's for the last couple of years without much success. I have achieved seperation 3 times but to only watch my wife and I sleeping, never going anywhere else (astral) and then slamming back into my body when I try to move away. Well this last time I think I closed our door to the bedroom! My wife usually leaves it open so she can hear the kids at night, and so the cats can have free reign. I always like to shut it when I go to bed though, cause I can't sleep with any noises, and I like the darkness. Ayways to make a long story short, before the last OOBE I experienced, I remember the door being open when I went to bed. I acheived seperation, was again looking at myself and my wife asleep. I can remember looking around our room but stopped when I noticed the door was open. I said to myself, I wish that door was closed! To my surprise the door closed! Rather loud too because it woke my wife up which in turn brought me out of my OOBE. To this day she still thinks it was one of the kids that did it. I don't want to bother telling her I think it was me until I can prove to myself that this is possible to do in an OOBE. I was wondering if you have tried doing this while in an OOBE, or anyone else has tried this?

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