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Greatest UFO documentaries

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posted on Dec, 30 2005 @ 07:21 AM
I love UFO docus, though I haven't seen a TON, the best that I have seen and enjoy greatly are the "Alien Interview" and "Out Of The Blue" docus. The Disclosure Project stuff is really good too. Anybody know of any other great or enlightening docus that are a really good watch?

posted on Dec, 30 2005 @ 08:59 AM
UFOs Hidden Evidence 2005

UFOs 50 Years Of Denial

Those are some decent ones.

posted on Dec, 30 2005 @ 09:47 AM

The "Ufo Files" series on History Channel are very interesting and cover all the famous ufo cases and mysteries (Rendlesham, Roswell, Colares, Varginha, Kecksburg, abductions, cover-ups, etc...).

I also recommend you the following ones :

The Untold History of the Disclosure Project by Steven Greer
Evidence : The Case for Nasa Ufos by David Sereda.
UFO : The Footage Archives
UFO Invasion at Rendlesham (Sci-Fi channel)
The Kecksburg incident
Abducted by Aliens : The Real 4400

posted on Dec, 30 2005 @ 11:42 AM
UFO Ancient Aliens - (Fallen Angels) History Channel Documentary watch this one.

posted on Dec, 30 2005 @ 03:12 PM
Musclor's suggestions are great, but a personal fave is Out of the Blue.

Though a bit "cheesy", another fave of mine is the UFO CoverUp Live! specials of the 80's. In my market, both specials were talked about with having reactions in the news, etc. and yet were cut off during the airing, going to infomercials, without one mention later in the news, even though commercials for it aired during the specials. Just for the weirdness factor, and surrounding circumstances, and some of the folks behind the scenes...I'm always left wondering just how much of this was truth, and how much was BS....

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