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Spy claim over diplomat's suicide

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posted on Dec, 29 2005 @ 09:46 PM

A Japanese diplomat who committed suicide in May 2004 was being blackmailed to provide key intelligence to China, Japanese media reports say.

The unnamed engineer, in charge of communications for Japan's Shanghai consulate, left suicide notes saying he had been threatened by a Chinese man.

The threats concerned his relationship with a karaoke hostess, reports said.


An interesting article it seems quite likely that the diplomat in question was being blackmailed. It is also logical to assume that he/she was married otherwise he/she could have come foward and the blackmail attempt would have failed.

I is also reasonable to assume that diplomat would be warned that such things can happen before he/she is posted overseas . One thing is for sure the Chinese government wont admit that its intel agency had anything to do with the suicide of the person in question.

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